Outfit of the week #8: Old man lecturer


OK, i’ll admit it, this post is super late.

Basically i’m having a bit of a struggle getting photos taken now that it’s dark way before Chris gets home from work – and y’know, because there’s that awkward issue of me not having friends in the area, i’m stuck in a bit of a blog rut, wah.

I’m thinking of ordering a full-length mirror this week to ease some of my outfit post pain, so we’ll see.

This is me posing in our new dining room (the table is pushed up against a wall out of shot, obvs) and this was it before it had the final coat of floor varnish applied, but I love it. The walls are Cornflower White and the floors are just natural floorbaords sanded roughly and coated in a couple of coats of clear satin gloss. Dreamy. Having a properly decorated house is making me feel like an actual real grown-up with a home – i’ve never lived in the same place for more than a few years before, so here’s hoping this remains somewhere I feel safe, secure and happy.

It was my step-mum’s 60th birthday lunch on Sunday and this is what I wore, and yes, i’m totally OK with dressing like an old man. Awkward.


I hated the pictures when Chris first took them, and admittedly had to retrieve them from the deleted section on my iPhone, thank bloody God for IOS 8, eh? Mostly it’s my hair, a day after a wash it goes this dark mousy colour which makes me look washed out and ill and I hate the way it looks super bushy and frizzy in these photos – but then that’s a thing all girl’s do isn’t it? Think we look like a shit pile of giant hippo in a photo when to everyone else we look exactly like ourselves. Sigh.

This is my favourite jacket of 2013, a £20 buy from a vintage shop in Bath (I feel so ridiculously, falsely swish just writing that), whilst the polo neck is a bargain Primark buy and the leather skirt is my trusty Miss Selfridge investment buy that I’ve been wearing pretty much every day recently. Thank absolute Christ I hardly leave the house and there’s no-one to see my horribly repetitive outfits…








Jacket – Vintage

Jumper – Primark, £6

Skirt – Miss Selfridge, £65

Shoes – New Look (mega old, sorry!)

Bag – Accessorize, £25

Fluffy bag charm – River Island, £6

Headband – New Look, £6.99

Faux fur scarf – H&M, £14.99


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