Planning what to wear on my trip to the States this month…


Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have seen my harping on about my trip to Washington D.C. and Baltimore, AKA the Capital region, later this month.

I won’t lie, i’m lucky enough to be doing it as part of a press trip to discover the magic of the SIMON shopping destinations in the area – basically amazing outlets and malls with discount clothes and shoes and McDonald’s and happiness.

I leave next week and i’m so bloody excited, but as usual with any holiday, i’ve gone into absolute wardrobe meltdown. I literally hate everything I own. Classic girl. I’m not entirely sure what the weather’s going to be like either – but probably between freezing and 10 degrees which is pretty damn bloody nippy, so yeah, there’s that to contend with.

My issue is that the five day trip will involve a lot of walking and a lot of time on the move, so i’m going to have to be warm, comfortable and yet Instagrammable. What a palava, eh?

Basically, I don’t want another Virgin Atlantic jean situation again. That’s pretty much the end of it. So i’ve found three things from my current wardrobe that I DO want to take – my Topshop Leigh jeans (although, I have to say, i’m not 100% on them – they’re really tight on my knees (?) and fall down whilst I walk, which is dead handy), my Miss Selfridge leather mini skirt which goes with EVERYTHING, and my Zara leopard boots, because leopard. Everything leopard.



And here’s the rest of my wish list – all pretty dark and classic which isn’t like my usual style, but how I’d like to look – why is there always a way you want to look but never quite actually look that way? I’m picturing it all jazzed up with some bright lipsticks, some sunglasses and lots of pumpkin-flavoured American treats. Dream.

washington dream capsule wardrobe Untitled


1. Topshop Jumper, £30, 2. Topshop slip ons, £20, 3. H&M faux fur gilet, £34.99, 4. Whistles cat bag, £95, 5. River Island leather gloves, £25, 6. River Island stripy t-shirt, £20, 7. New Look lace-up boots, £34.99, 8. River Island pom pom hat, £13 9. Boohoo jumper, £25, 10. H&M faux fur gilet, £39.99, 11. H&M bag, £24.99, 12. New Look purse, £5.99 13. Whistles sweatshirt, £75, 14. ASOS coat, £95, 15. ASOS coat, £70, 16. ASOS faux fur stole, £35


Any tips for what to wear or how to keep snug and look chic? Help a girl out.


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