So this is what I actually keep in my make-up bag…


I have days when I look at myself in the mirror after I’ve put my make-up on and i’m like ‘yeah, you brush up pretty well. Heck, i’d even say you’re kinda hot’ and other days (today being one of them, typically) where i’m literally like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE AND WHY CAN’T YOU APPLY LIQUID EYELINER?! I’ve used the same make-up, my skin isn’t particularly more or less spotty, it’s all down to my mood.

But I thought i’d show you what I actually use on a day-to-day basis – although saying that, if i’m going in to London or out for dinner i’ll always add a lipstick into the equation. At the moment it tends to be either a deep plum like GOSH’s Night Kiss or a sassy pink like MAC’s Relentlessy Red. For some reason it doesn’t feel right to trot about the place with a bright lippy in Ipswich the way it just feels so damn bloody normal in London. Huh.

At the moment i’m not entirely happy with any of my foundations. It’s not that I don’t think they’re good foundations, it just they’re not good for my skin and I think there’s probably better out there.

Clarins True Radiance glides on like an absolute dream – it doesn’t even get caught on black heads and crispy dry winter skin the way a lot of foundations do, and it’s so silky, like an amazing moisturiser, but the coverage just isn’t enough for my skin at the moment. Sob. I’ve also got MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid, which again, is nice, but not right. It stays put all day, but it’s just so cakey to layer up with, and when I need that extra bit of security to hide yet another flipping period spot it makes my skin look crumbly and like a 15-year-old wearing too much make-up, which I sort of am, but I want more from a high-end product. Wah.

Clarins concealer is one of my favourites and i’ve been using this for over a year now and it’s just so dreamy and creamy and goes on my bulging spots so nicely, so that’s that.

A lot of my current make-up is actually from a box of New Look cosmetics I was sent a couple of months ago. Normally if I get sent something I’ll use it a couple of times and then it sits at the back of my make-up drawer gathering dust until I decide to bin it (on one of my yearly clean-up binges), so the fact so many pieces have remained in the bag is a very good sign for a mega cheap brand.


The blusher is bright (Babydoll Pink) but I think my skin needs that warmth on it otherwise it gets a bit dull and uninspired looking, whereas the liquid eyeliner is pretty much as good as the Collection 2000 one, WHICH IS A HUGE THING FOR ME TO SAY. I’ve trialed so many liquid eyeliners and pens over the years and nothing’s ever even come close to the £2.99 baby, but this really does, and in fact, it’s even better for doing flicks than the Collection one.

Finally, my make-up bag contains one of the very few brands i’m forever loyal to in the beauty world – Bobbi Brown.

The eye palettes, the shimmer brick, and heck, Bobbi’s foundations and BB creams are pretty damn sassy too. I love it all. The shimmer brick is an every day piece of contouring heaven without making you look like you’ve rolled around in mud and cheap bronzer, whilst the eye palettes get you through everything from Halloween make-up (true story), smokey eyes that don’t leave you looking like you’ve been punched, and eyebrows. Yup, my eyebrows currently contain a heck of a lot of Bobbi Brown eye shadow and i’m not even ashamed, the blonde shade is just the perfect pale brown for my brows and the brush that came in my Party All Night palette works perfectly for application.


Foundation – Clarins True Radiance in Ivory, £27

Concealer – Clarins Instant Concealer, £21

Blusher – New Look in Babydoll Pink, £3.99

Bronzer – Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bronze Brick, £32.50

Eyebrows – Bobbi Brown Party All Night Palette, £48

Eye Liner – New Look, £3.99

Macara – New Look Pure Definition, £4.99


I’m on the hunt for some more game changers – especially foundation and mascara wise – what could you guys never live without in your cat-printed make-up bags?

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