Outfit of the week #3


OK, so i’m starting to quite enjoy these outfit of the week posts, they’re a welcome break from all the brainstorming and words and lists and more words and thoughts and all that other energy that goes into writing all my other posts, both on my blog and for Metro.co.uk.

And I like to think i’m starting to get the hang out smiling for the camera and posing like some sort of street style professional.

This outfit incorporates two new Primark loves, which I picked up at the Tottenham Court Road branch after eating granola and drinking copious amounts of coffee at Millie Mackintosh’s jewellery launch for Dorothy Perkins.



I went a bit mental, and spent more than I meant to, because LONDON SHOPPING. I feel like a tourist, but the stock in London stores, especially Oxford Street branches are seriously in a league of their own, and you don’t appreciate it until you’ve left the city. (You can see my sweet, sweet haul here)

My check dress was £10 and it also comes in a red/white based colour too, but I went darker. Mostly I went darker because it’ll hide all of my hibernation weight I plan on gaining. I was inspired after buying a check smock dress from ASOS (which has since sold out, boo) and basically living it like a homeless person. So, yup.

My green chain bag is also Primark and was a sneaky £6. Mega bargain, right?

I love the dark green shade which goes with everything but ISN’T black like every other bag in the world. And well, it’s a cross-body chain bag and everyone knows they’re the best bags. Damn, I wish I could insert that emoticon with the smug rosy cheeks here.

My boots. Just my boots.



Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have endured my hunt for leopard boots, and my toying between a Hobbs pair, Zara pair and Next pair. Guys, I went with Zara.

They were £90 and bought with birthday money, but mostly they don’t hurt or give blisters, and I can confirm this, having had to do a 20-minute walk of shame back to my hotel yesterday morning. When I say walk of shame, I mean my boyfriend got so drunk he was sick on himself repeatedly and we never made it back to the hotel. Sob. So there’s that.

My sunglasses are another new buy. This time ASOS, and were £7.50 as part of a 25% off the new collection offer which came into my inbox. SERIOUSLY ASOS, STOP DISTRACTING ME WITH YOUR SEXY TEMPTING EMAILS.

And lastly, i’m keeping the autumn chill (seriously – how quickly has that come about?) off me with my trusty Miss S leather jacket, and brightening up my dull autumn skin with my Illamasqua lipstick in Soaked, the perfect orange-y red shade.

So yeah, next week’s outfit of the week is going to be tremendously dull because now I have no money for anything new. Sob.

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