Outfit of the week #2


I’m not as happy with these pictures as I was with last week’s. But I absolutely adore my new dress.

It’s from Closet (and you can totally buy it here), and basically I wore it whilst doing the ironing yesterday whilst I waited for Chris to get home and photograph me. I felt like a 1950s housewife and like i’d have feminists throwing bricks through my window. But whatcha gonna do.

The scuba fabric has alerted me to a sizeable bit of back fat that probably shouldn’t be there. He’s squidging out from under my bra and being a bit like OH HI I’M HERE RUINING YOUR PICTURE AND STOPPING YOU LOOK LIKE MIRANDA KERR.

Bore off. Maybe I should go swimming and like remove him or something. But then… McDonald’s.

I’ve kept this look simple – and probably made myself look even more like a housewife.



My Primark heels were a £12 buy from 2013 and are an absolute dream. Just y’know, don’t attempt to walk or stand in them for longer than about three minutes. Ever.

My bag is a boohoo buy from 2013 as well (and this £6.59 eBay find is similar and BETTER and I have it in baby pink). And I am obsessed with chain bags. Chain cross-body bags are just so bloomin’ marvelous. They make you feel like you’re rocking a Chanel. When the bitter truth is that you’d probably have to sleep with 27845 men and sell at least half a kidney to come even close. Sob.

Jacket is a Miss Selfridge love. I always buy faux leather and it always makes me sad, doesn’t fit properly and i’m plagued with anxiety that people will think it looks cheap. This jacket is real leather and it’s already 18 months old and will see me through at least another few seasons.

My best friend bought a Miss S leather jacket when we were at sixth form and she still wears it. Point is, invest.

And that goes to you too, Hannah. Stop umm-ing and ahh-ing over real or faux for your AW14 leather mini.



Finally, this is my I’VE BEEN WORKING FROM HOME ALL DAY AND I NEED TO SNAZZ IT UP INSTANTLY beauty look, can you tell?

I pull my hair up into this Little My-esque top knot 5 out of 7 days. It helps my grease problems stay at bay. I’ve updated my tiresome day look for the photos with a orange-red lip from Illamasqua and a bit of classic Collection 2000 eyeliner. Easy peasy bloody lemon squeezy.

Oh and for these photos? We got Rudey involved. And she hated it. And I have the scratch on my hand to prove it. My bad.

But LOL, just LOL.




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