36 things all women in their twenties are obsessed with


1. Eyebrows. Eyebrow products. Eyebrow colours. Eyebrow shapes. Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows. EVERYTHING ABOUT EYEBROWS.

2. Avocados.

3. Olivia Palermo’s sweet sweet style.

4. Saying ‘OMG I’m so old’ when we’re like 25 and not old at all and everyone older than us is tutting profusely at our lameness. BUT OH EM GEE, SO OLD.

5. Everything about the Beckham family. Because Beckhams. We’re allowed to think Brooklyn is cute, right?

6. Black ankle boots.

7. Reading nostalgic lists about the nineties and noughties. Because it was so good back then wasn’t it? No. Hormones.

8. Saying ‘i’m the only one on my Facebook without a baby’ meaning you’ve seen three different babies on your Facebook within the last 24 hours. Oh you.

9. Buying cushions. ‘I’ll take… erm, all the cushions please’.


11. Reading articles about why the contraceptive pill is bad for us.

12. Hunting out the very best liquid eyeliner in the world. One day we will find it and the world will be at peace.

13. Thinking about whether ombre hair is still cool and whether we should get it.

14. Lauren Goodger. No, but really, what even is she?

15. Wondering where Maddie is. Like once a week, just a casual, BUT WHAT HAPPENED?!

16. Buying all the candles. But mostly vanilla ones because, well, we’re vanilla.

17. Red lipstick. It transforms your make-up from natural to OMFG WHO IS THIS HOT SOPHISTICATED BEAST IN THE MIRROR?

18. Personalised jewellery. OMG this ring has an H on it, must buy immediately.

19. The Mail Online’s side bar of shame.

20. Buzzfeed quizzes about what city in America we should live in. Because, y’know, it’s important to know where you’d fit in should you migrate.

21. Buying bright coloured trainers. Lusting over bright coloured trainers. Pretending we’ll wear said coloured trainers to the gym.

22. How other women look in a bikini. SHE’S UPLOADED A HOLIDAY ALBUM, WONDER IF THEY’LL BE A BIKINI PIC.

23. Pretending we love green juices as much as chocolate. ‘No but honestly, it’s so yummy and it totally fills me up’ *wonders if stomach is about to concave in*

24. Oven food. Is our age group actually keeping McCain’s Smilies in business? Who knows.

25. Watching Friends more than any other programme. Oh, we’re supposed to have moved on?

26. Looking up holidays, booking holidays, planning holiday wardrobes, talking about holidays. Just holidays. Holidays.

27. Wondering where it all went wrong for Amanda Bynes.

28. Sophia Webster. Can’t afford shoes. Need shoes. Heart hurts.

29. Diet coke. Pretty much as good as sex, no?

30. Amaro filter.

31. Carbs, and all of them together preferably, in one gigantic binge that we will never reveal to social media. Oh.

32. Adding skinny in front of every hot beverage we order. Because darling we are so fetch.

33. Two for Tuesdays.

34. Drinking from champagne flutes. We be fancy ladies.

35. Hot men with babies. *Ovaries dart in all directions and hyperventilate*

36. Comparing ourselves to everyone else our age on Instagram. WHY ARE THEY MORE ACHIEVED THAN ME?


Basic bitches together forever <3


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