New Look are launching a make-up range and it’s all over my face




Unless you’ve been living in a quaint little cave somewhere in Devon, or y’know been on holiday somewhere lovely and sunny and pretty without WIFI then you’ll have probably heard about New Look’s impending beauty launch.

I was invited to the breakfast where, buy the look of Instagram, everyone basically just played on iPads and drank juice and had their place cards on a chalkboards, but sadly I couldn’t make it because had to stay in the office and write about doughnut burgers or summin.

Now look, i’m not one to share a selfie without a good filter, but I’ve thrown a couple in here because filters make it very hard to show make-up exactly as it really is.


photo (30)

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As i’m writing this piece I feel the need to get something off my chest. I did an ice bucket challenge video the other day and told everyone I donated but I didn’t because I forgot. And just a minute ago some young trainer-wearing charity fund raiser came to my door and I was so overwhelmed with guilt that I signed up to pay £2 a week forevermore.

So there you go. Guilt gone. And now i’m going to make the Marie Curie people rich, and lots of people with terminal illness will get nice nurses at their homes, so yep. Back to beauty.

If i’m entirely honest, I haven’t used high street beauty brands in quite a few years, aside from the odd Topshop nail varnish or Rimmel lipstick, so trialling this was pretty exciting.

I had to improvise a little based on the samples I was sent. So what you can’t see is that my eyebrows are a bit ginger because I have copper eye shadow in them and I cheated a tiny bit and put Clarins concealer on a massive spot, but again, it was only because I didn’t have access to the New Look one. OBVS GUYS.

photo (28)

photo (29)

My skin is simply New Look powder(with a No7 moisturiser base) – and actually, it was so translucent and soft that i’ll definitely be using it on top of my Bobbi Brown BB Cream for a good, solid daytime coverage. Because I used it on its own I’ve had to put more than I would usually on and it’s ended up going a bit cakey around my lip hair (FML).

I’ve been pretty terrified of powder since I was about 15. I have majorly oily skin, and although powder would probably mattify it to some extent, I heard so many horror stories about how it clogged pores that I stayed clear, for fear that it would make my face look like a dot to dot or just a sea of blackheads or something equally offensive on the eyes.

I actually adored the bronzer and blusher (I used shades True Bronze and Babydoll Pink) which have left me with a healthy flush and contouring that looks like it was done by a make-up artist.

I tend to use Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick pretty much every day, so it’s quite weird to see my face without… well, shimmer. But I like it, and I think this NL combo will become my new daily duo.

Collection 200o’s liquid eye liner has been my go-to since I was 15 and so far, no-one else has even come close. What I like about the New Look one is that it is pretty much exactly the same, except the brush is a bit thinner which makes it a dream for doing flicks.

It may be fiddly, but I plan to use Collection for the length of my lid and then New Look’s to polish it off. It’s also stayed on all day, although I haven’t actually left the house, so i’m not sure how it’ll cope with, well… life.

There’s quite a few pieces on my shopping wish list for when the 100-piece collection lands in stores in a couple of weeks – mainly the eyebrow pencil in Light Brown, the pastel nail varnishes and some of the lipsticks.

I haven’t had a good enough look at the lip colors yet, but as lipstick is my beauty passion this is where i’m hoping to splash my pennies. There looks like some good solid deep pinks and corals – but i’m hoping they’ll be as long-lasting and matte as MAC without the ability to turn my lips into peeling wallpaper.

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