30 thoughts every girl had as a 15-year-old


And when I say every girl, I mean every girl that was 15 at the exact same time I was 15.

1. Can’t wait to go to McDonalds after school and get a McChicken Premiere meal.

2. Might only chew gum all day at school because y’know, calories. Don’t want to be a size 10, i’m not some sort of obsese whale. If I weigh over eight stone i’ll probably be single forever.

3. Ooh, whilst i’m in town I’m defs going to go to Topshop and buy three new thongs for £7.

4. And a new rara skirt. A girl can never have too many rara skirts can she? I’ll pop into Select.

5. OH FFS, this means i’m going to miss Hollyoaks.

6. I hope Barry M’s glitter pots are on sale. I need some new glitter for that house party on Friday night.

7. I really need to find someone old enough to buy me a litre of vodka and a packet of Marlboro Lights though.

8. Oh shit, what if I end up having to drink potion again and I get paraletic again. So bloody embarrassing.

9. Might wear a denim jacket over a hoodie instead of a coat on non-uniform day.

10. I wish I dressed as well as Summer Roberts. I wish I WAS Summer Roberts <3

11. There’s no pages left in my school planner because I used them all up doing love calculators, FFS.

12. I’ve had the same lyrics in my MSN screen name for three days now. I need something good, maybe from a slightly emo band. But it has to be subtle, so that boy sort of knows it’s about him.

13. WHAT THE FUCK, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up? What is this world we live in? What hope do I have for true love if they can’t make it work?

14. There’s a rumour going round school that no-one’s going to go to any lessons today so we can protest against the war. Sounds good.

15. I really wish I had a pink Motorola flip phone. Some of my friends are so spoilt. My parents must hate me.

16. No, but seriously, they wouldn’t even buy me anything in Topshop last week, they can’t actually love me.

17. OMG what is this Johnson’s Holiday Skin everyone is raving about?!

18. So glad we all decided before PE that we’d leave the Bleep Test at the exact same time so no-one looked stupid and no-one got out of breath.


20. Who uses the showers in the school changing rooms? What are they even for?

21. So sad that Friends has finished. Good thing there’s going to be a Joey spin-off show. Phew.

22. I don’t know what Photosynthesis or Pythagoras Theorem are and I can’t use a semi colon. I might as well quit school now. I’ve pretty much failed at everything. I probs won’t even get into sixth form.

23. I’m really genuinely worried I might have Bird Flu. That thing everyone in Asia keeps wearing masks against.

24. Apparently one of the teachers at school is a paedophile. I had a substitute lesson with him last week. Now I can’t remember if he looked at me suggestively or not. OMG.

25. Mean Girls is the best film ever. Think it might be a really good idea to make a Burn Book myself. Can’t possibly go wrong.

26. How do I cover up a hickey?

27. Should I wear leg warmers to this house party then or not? They’re still cool aren’t they?

28. I wonder if having sex actually feels good, because being fingered just feels like you’re being jabbed with a felt tip.

29. Apparently they’re selling a pink glittery Disney Princess pencil case in Tesco at the moment. OMFG. All. My. Dreams. Come. True.

30. Tampons are terrifying. I’ll probably never use them. Eww. Gross. No.



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