My 10-piece every day jewellery line-up, and there’s NOTHING statement about it

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We’ve been bulk buying necklaces with 3472567r5 different stones on for about three years now, and of late i’ve sort of just stopped.

Soz guys.

I’ve gone back to traditional jewellery, to old women jewellery – literally.

Some of my favourite every day pieces are my Nan’s rings. My Nan is still alive, she lives in a nursing home in Sussex with her dementia and equally dementia-riddled friends (who are absolutely terrifying, one  of them kept caressing my neck last week and I could not handle that shit), but she swore from as far back as I can remember that when she died, i’d get her rings.

My Nan, or my Babi as I call her (a loose take on the Polish for grandmother) was a bit of a sexpot in her day, think of a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. Her fingers were always piled high with the spoils that men had gifted her when she was a sexy MILF roaming the streets of Fulham, and I always knew that one day they’d be mine.

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And she sort of started filtering them down to me from about age 10.

I currently wear two garnet encrusted rings of hers every single day (I lost the sapphire from another ring when I worked at IPC – massive sad face), and have tried to balance out the ridiculous amount of red bling with a tiny gold heart ring from Not On The High Street – a gift to myself from the winnings of Best Website Of The Year at the IPC Media Awards whilst working at, and, more recently a triangle outline ring from the Z for Accessorize collection.

Bracelet wise, nothing quite has the same sentimental value. I tend to lose a lot, so it seems almost silly to invest. I used to have a Love Links bracelet, a gift for my 18th birthday, and the original glass beads company before Pandora got involved, but, naturally I left it on a desk during a lecture.

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Now i’m wearing a gold Kate Spade bangle, a Christmas present from the ladies at bareMinerals, a diamante disk pendant chain from the Z for Accessorize collection, a green mottled bead bracelet which cost about 8 euros from my summer holiday to Halkidiki in Greece, and most recently, my new face, my little love that is my rose gold Havana bracelet from Monica Vinader.

They’ve just opened a second shop in Harrods, and I was invited to try out the boutique, nestled on the lower ground floor next to Marc Jacob’s delicious bags, earlier this week.

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I’ve gone simple and just had my name inscribed – mostly because I panicked and was really, really sweaty and wearing a blue shirt and was focused on whether I had back sweat patches. But I absolutely love it – and because it tightens, it doesn’t rattle about on my wrist as much as my other bracelets.

My 9th piece of every day jewellery is again from the Z for Accessorize range, and it’s my long circle pendant.

When I first started at LOOK back in 2011 I quickly realised that whilst I was bumping along with my Primark jewels, every else was wearing a long circle pendant chain from Daisy London.

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Whilst I haven’t yet decided to part with the 70 odd quid to buy my own, i’m still eager to add one to my dainty jewellery collection.

I’ve also just started wearing a rose gold-coloured locket from VenusWithLove, because there’s pretty much nothing better in the world than personalised jewellery is there?

Aside from a stinking good cappuccino and carbs. Always the carbs.

I’ve totally stopped buying costume jewellery – what about you guys? What are you doing for AW14?

(Asking questions is my new thing BTW, if it makes your insides die a bit then I promise to stop, so just lemme know ladies.)

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