Five things i’m obsessed with right now: the August edition

1. Slogan clutch bags


No-one laugh, but I once made my own slogan bag.

I was 12 years old and used a free flimsy denim faux Fendi baguette bag from Mizz magazine and cut up letters in a pink and purple striped fabric.

The pink and purple striped fabric had once been a rally vulgar skirt my mum had bought me from QS. Quick Q: Why was everything in QS (was it really called quality seconds) made of the type of synthetic fabric that could probably start a fire?

I can’t remember if I rocked said customised handbag more than once, and I also can’t remember if it said ‘lucky’ (optimistic, child-friendly, bit lame) or ‘bitch’.

Oh, Hannah.

I’ve just bought this pastel yellow ray of sunshine from Miss Selfridge and i’m obsessed, and it would appear you lot are too, it’s in my top 5 most liked Instagram pics EVER. You cute lot. It’s out now as part of the high summer/AW14 collections and also comes in pink, black and white.


I’m also pretty in love with my Holy Chic bag that I snagged from eBay in June for a fiver, originally from Berskha.

I’m hoping to have a proper eBay hunt out for more of these bags – hopefully for about £3.99 from China, so will keep you well and truly informed on any major developments.


2. Sweet potatos, avocados and poached eggs


Ever since I saw a photo of myself in Norfolk the other weekend in a flimsy black strappy dress and looked like I not only had about 7.2 tummy rolls but cellulite on my arms (Is this a thing?) I’ve been trying to eat a bit cleaner.

Bar the Diet Coke and mammoth bar of Cadbury’s Whole Nut. Fuck.

I feel like I’m constantly rotating sweet potato, avocado and poached eggs because they’re less suicide-inducing than lettuce.

Current faves are chopped avocado, poached egg and wholemeal toast as a work breakfast, and slow-cooked sweet potato wedges with sour cream and chilli as a Friday night treat.

Also pictured above is a eggy, avocado-y ham hock brunch and a spicy sweet pot hash. Who needs McDonald’s reaaaaaaally?


3. MAC’s Relentlessly Red lipstick


Peugeot are currently running a social campaign called #spreadthejoy where they hunt out poor, sad souls having a bad day and send them a treat – mine was a £30 MAC voucher.

Poor, poor Hannah.

I was having such a bad day and everything – I’d left a lipstick at home. First world problems, much?

Candy Yum Yum was my lipstick of 2013, so I thought I’d go for another one of MAC’s matte lip shades.

Although they do make my lips feel drier than other lipsticks, the colour doesn’t really transfer and lasts most of the day, which is particularly handy when you think it’s really funny to kiss your boyfriend in public or nuzzle your newborn nephew’s head.

I like Relentlessly Red because all of my red-hued lip colours have orange pigments in them, and this is more of a sassy deep pink. Beauts, no?

4.  Luther, season 3


Yes, alright, most of you probably watched this on BBC when it first came out last year, but it’s just hit Netflix.

Now, I never knew that Netflix could send you cute little notifications when there was a new season of a show you’d already watched, so my heart high-fived the people behind Netflix UK when I saw the little update pop up on my iPad alongside a few very angsty Twitter mentions – seriously you guys, I don’t reply to the haters, it’s far too depressing.

I love gritty, dark dramas that absolutely terrify me. The Killing and American Horror Story have both been recent favourites so if anyone has any Netflix recommendations, perr-lease shoot them my way.

5. My Kinky Octopus bikini


OK, so I haven’t got another beach holiday planned this year, sad face, but I HAVE got a tiny bikini to work towards squeezing into.

Kinky Octopus sell Brazilian bikinis and they are TINY.

Just take note of that tiny piece of fabric meant to go over my bum. What we should all be excited about is the tan lines these babes will give in comparison to the big bloomers available on the high street.


Plus, for some unknown reason, the fact that the bum fabric is so small seems to mean that they lift everything up a bit. Even if they do leave me looking a bit like a piglet who raided a Victoria’s Secret store.


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