So, i’ve got a pretty big announcement for you all…


You all thought I was going to tell you I’m pregnant, didn’t you? LOLZ.

Well I’m not as far as I’m aware.

But I am leaving London, sort of.

I didn’t delve into it properly on my blog, but two weeks ago I arrived home from a weekend in Ipswich to find a rather superb flood in my flat. There’d been a burst pipe in the flat above me and it had been trickling out of my walls and ceiling for two days.

The evening that ensued involved me having a breakdown at Stratford station, a stranger with a really big rucksack comforting me whilst I cried all over my damp-smelling t-shirt, and a man catching poor Rudey’s travel basket when it fell off a bench.

It also included me making friends with a couple in their twenties who had FOUR cats, and my boyfriend surprising me with a midnight McDonald’s, complete with cheeseburger chaser and barbecue sauce.

Since then my flat has grown mouldier, damper and stinkier and I’ve been in tears to the point my face has looked like a strawberry Skittle.

The end result? It was today decided that I’d move out of my dream little flat with pretty much immediate effect instead of renewing my contract, and I’m jetting off to Ipswich to live with my boyfriend in the interim.

I’m going to make enemies with Greater Anglia trains and attempt to do my make-up and blog on the two-hour commute, and the biggest part of this of all is that Rudey isn’t moving to Ipswich temporarily.

She’s moving their permanently.

The rental market has skyrocketed since I found this gem of a flat in Leyton and I won’t be able to afford to live on my own in London anymore, so she’s going to stay with Chris in his house indefinitely.

At least she’ll have a stable environment with plenty of treats, a garden full of butterflies to chase and a bigger indoor space to take naps in.

I’m going to be on the lookout for a houseshare with nice girls like me, who like prosecco and pastel coloured nail varnish and eating chorizo.

I’m terrified.

And excited.

Everyone else is having babies and buying houses and I’m just becoming a travelling gypsy with her cat. At least I’m interesting, eh?

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