Five things i’m obsessed with right now: The July edition

H&M blue print midi skirt


I am midi obsessed. Totally and utterly. Mostly because they’re not as chavtastic as maxi skirts (soz guys, you know it’s sadly true now) and don’t show off my dimply sausage thighs the way that mini and A-line styles do. Win.

They’re also incredibly elegant and make me feel instantly feminine and dressed up. Which is amazingly convenient when I’m going out for drinks after work and don’t want to look like a chubby little hillbilly.

My latest midi investment is this skirt from H&M. I ordered a neon yellow checked style from the ASOS sale and was so sorely disappointed with how flimsy and cheap it felt in comparison, even though it had originally cost £50.

This H&M bad boy is extra gigantic and structured, and the material is really thick and lovely. It feels much more expensive than it’s humble £34.99 price tag.

There’s a dreamy matching peplum top too, but I’m not a bazillionaire so a co-ord is out of the question.

Only problem with the skirt is that I are a chilli cheese burger followed by a pecan pie and a button popped off. But whatchagonnado?

Skinny Dip phone case


I’ve wanted a Skinny Dip phone case for ages but never felt like I could really justify almost £20 on a phone case.

Accessorize came to the rescue with this gem (wheyyyy – see what I did there), which only set me back £9 in the sale.

I’m in love.

Yes it makes me look like I should have a dog with a diamante collar kills self, but it really indulges my inner tacky Disney Princess. Don’t hate the player.

Clarins foundation


My first foray into designer foundation was with Estée Lauder Double Wear back in 2012, but it doesn’t even come close to the love I feel for Clarins right now.

Both their foundation and concealer make me feel completely and utterly airbrushed, and the formula glides on as softly as moisturiser.

I find a lot of other brands really dry on my skin, which is saying something considering my T-zone could make a very delicious salad dressing all on its own.

I was using Extra Comfort Foundation, and am now trying True Radiance Foundation because I ran out and had to get a friend to pinch one from a work beauty cupboard. inserts the monkey hiding its face emoji. Mortified.

They’re easily the two best foundations I’ve ever used but the Extra Comfort is my number one.

I tend to moisturise, slick on a layer of he foundation and then layer up with concealer for my dark eye circles and chin spots. Because I’ve permanently got chin spots at the moment. Nightmare.

The concealer (Clarins Instant Concealer) is well worth the £20 price tag, as it’s lasted over the year and saved me looking like a homeless rag after too much wine on a Thursday night.

Layering up necklaces


Primark blue cord and ‘v’ shape £3 set, H&M circle and triangle £5.99 set, H&M heart necklace £2.99 in set, Forever 21 Chevron necklace from NYC

It’s been about 18 months since I first starting ditching the statement jewels in favour of layered up pendants, but I’ve invested in some pretty style from H&M and Primark this week which have made me mega haps.

I find it hard to locate chains that are long enough to hang past my boobs, but the circle chain just about does that.

I’m desperate for a gold-plated number from Daisy London that won’t turn all brassy and rank after I’ve accidentally worn it in the bath about 6 times in a row. My bad.



OK, no-one laugh, this is a true story.

I’ve never cleansed in my life.

I’ve firmly stood by my guns that make-up wipes do the same job for a good 10 years now, but after being gifted a rather alluring cleansing set from No 7, I thought i’d jump on board and see what the LOOK beauty team were rambling on about.

I call it the double skin wash. A make-up wipe to remove the first layer of mascara and foundation, and a god old-fashion cleanse with warm water to remove the dirt build-up. It actually makes perfect sense.

You’d never just was a sticky pasta bowl once would you? You’d give it a good scrub with the washing up liquid. This is exactly the same.

My skin looks healthier and perkier and feels softer than it has for ages. I’ve just swapped foundation and am suffering from tiny forehead pimples, so I’m on the hunt to find something that works for my skin. Who knew beauty was so bloody tiring, eh?

See what I was wetting myself over last month…

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