10 incredible things I bought from Primark today


So, unless you’ve been on a social media hiatus, you’ll know all about my on-going problems with my pesky painful bladder.

To cheer myself up I ventured into Westfield Stratford’s Primark branch today. I’d have rather stayed ona few Central Line stops for Tottenham Court Road because they get the new stock in first but I wasn’t quite in the mood for tourists with rucksacks refusing to travel in groups of less than 20, y’know with the burning wee hole and everything.

  1. My first purchase was this £8 drop waist dress in Navy. I have quite a few jersey dresses from Topshop, but this drop waist style is actually much more comfy and loose-fitting, an absolute dream when it’s hot, you’re hungover and bloated from a giganosaurous sized McDonalds.

Dress: Topshop £8, Sandals: New Look, £39.99, Jumper: H&M £14.99, Clutch: eBay £4.49

  1. Apologies for my scraggy hair by the way, I may have spent three hours in bed watching Netflix before I took these photos. Next up is my socks. My little school girl socks that I teamed with my New Look sandals from last summer so that I look like a cooler (I hope) version of a German tourist. Yey.

Socks: Primark £1.50, Sandals: New Look £39.99

  1. I went on a bit of a skirt-athon. Ever since I did the my outfits in 7 days post, I’ve been even more of a jean-ophobe than usual. My fave skirt of the three I bought in Primark is this amazing palm tree a-line number for £9.

Skirt: Primark £9

  1. This one is slightly longer and floatier, and so I’ll probably end up wearing it more because it’ll cover up my post-peanut butter bagel bloat. Plus, what is it with pineapples that is so endearing?

Primark £10

  1. My third skirt is this cute blue print, but because of the front pleat it’s more roomy on my thighs. Because I suffer from very womanly hips and lady legs, A-line shaped skirts tend to look more like the micro mini skirts I wore to under-18 nights with halter neck tops and a Playboy necklace.

Primark £8

  1. I always check out the men’s section too. Most of my t-shirts are from H&M menswear, and I spotted this striped beaut for just £4. I’m hoping to get some long-sleeved Breton tees when the AW14 stock lands in store in a few weeks.

T-shirt: Primark £4, Skirt: Primark £8, Bag: Boohoo £12, Wedges: H&M £19.99

7+8. I wish Primark’s homeware department was larger than it is, because I always find so much stuff I love. Except for all the fleece blankets. Why DO they sell fleece blankets in about 15 different shades and patterns?

I bought a new variety of cushions today for my bed. It’s a nightmare having a moss green carpet because nothing goes. Wy do all rented properties insist on this rancid carpet colour? These grey cushions were £6 each, and the white lace one was £5.


Black and white cushion: Ikea £12, Grey cushions: Primark £6, Motto cushion: H&M £5.99, White cushion: Primark £5, White bed throw: Asda £18

  1. I also bought some cute new candles for £1.50 each, and I’ve placed them in a wooden tray from H&M home, and paired them with a ‘H’ candle that was a birthday present from Oliver Bonas.

Bed linen: Mentioned above, Tray: H&M £14.99, Silver candles: Primark £1.50, Initial candle: Oliver Bonas


Glass candle holders: Primark: £1.50, Initial candle: Oliver Bonas

  1. Finally, I got this pretty little box. I’m not sure what I’m going to keep in it yet, but I think it looks pretty snazzy on my bedside table.

‘Things’ box: Primark £3, Everything else: Car boots and gifts


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