My June fashion wishlist

I want to go shopping and I want to go shopping now. I’ve started up a new monthly franchise, to go alongside Five Things I’m Obsessed With Now (which I will be starting up again this week, pinky promise).

It’s basically just an excuse for me to put pretty things into Paint so that I remember what to panic buy when I’ve had a bad day at work and accidentally eaten a McDonald’s instead of a salad, written a sex article that’s got the feminists sending death threats in bulk, and I *think* I’ve got a new stretch mark on my back fat (i’m still debating whether it’s a stretch mark or a clothing dent…).

I’m still obsessed with midi skirts and sweatshirts and wearing hats. But now i’m finally getting into this season’s sliders and slip-ons. And breathe. Which feel a dangerous edge away from my usual girlie vibe.

june wishlist1. Topshop floral dress, £58

2. Monki floppy hat, £28

3. Lavish Alice white heels, £36

4. Topshop embroidered midi skirt, £70

5. New Look mint sliders, £17.99

6. Vince Camuto at Kurt Geiger bag, £59

7. H&M day coat, £69.99

8. Monki tortoiseshell sunglasses, £8

9. H&M mock crop slip-ons, £14.99

10. Lavish Alice palm sweatshirt, £26

11. New Look striped daisy t-shirt, £12.99


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