10 Things You Should Be Buying From New Look This Summer

New Look is one of the high street’s most affordable and popular brands. But sometimes it’s a case of filtering out the jersey bodycon skirts and mumsy florals for the actual OH-MY-GOD-THIS-IS-HOW-MUCH buys that look like they’ve come straight out of Topshop’s new-in section at only a fraction of the price.

Here’s my round-up of the pieces to keep your eyes peeled for this summer…

The Jumpsuit

photo (12)

I have a fear of the jumpsuit. I’m convinced it popularises my back fat. Makes it visible to strangers in the street, shows it off like i’m proud of it, like i’m proud of how many vats of wine and Extra Value Meals it’s taken to achieve it and i’m not having any of that. No thanks.

However, if I am going to be bullied into buying one, and let’s face it, they’re in every bloomin’ shop right now, so the chances are i’ll be lured into it in the exact same way I was lured into the poncho, then I want it to be this one. This forgiving black classic jumpsuit, with lace detailing. It looks like maybe it wants to be my friend worn with a deep post-holiday tan and statement court heels. So yes, New Look you’ve succeeded here.

The Faux Birkenstocks

photo (9)

Whether they make your eyes recoil in horror, or you think they’re the best sandals in the whole wide world, thanks to the revival of big, chunky strapped shoes, the Birkenstock is back.

Thankfully, the pretty pastel varieties are just as in for 2014, and New Look’s gorgeous pink pair are my favourite so far. I’ll happily admit that as well as stealing my mum’s M&S cardigans and metallic lipsticks aged 12, I was quite into gallivanting off to the cinema or into the woods to smoke cigarettes (soz if any parental figures are reading this…) whilst wearing her white Birkenstocks. Yup.

The White Shirt

photo (13)

I’m a girl who firmly believes you can never have too many white shirts (mostly because I have a habit of spilling red wine and foundation down them. Oh.) and this printed sheer fancy from New Look has my name written all over it. Or more, it has the six-pack wielding, bronzed version of my name written all over it…

The Court Shoes

photo (5)

Any woman knows there’s nothing quite as sexy and grown-up as a pair of sassy courts – unless, like me, you still haven’t mastered walking in them and look like a complete Wotsit. I can’t believe I just wrote sassy. Anyway, I love the colours on this pair which make them just a teeny tiny smidgen more exciting than your standard block colour style. Nice one, New Look.

The Skorts

photo (14)

You probably remember last summer’s Zara here buy – the skort. It came in black and white and red and blue and everyone from 16 year-olds with skinny pin legs to celebrities were wearing it. Well now, New Look are catching on, and maybe, just maybe they’re doing it better. In sugary sunshine shades that’ll make you instantly happy, these skorts are about to become your warm-weather go-to. BUY INSTANTLY BEFORE THE WHOLE TEENAGE POPULATION OF THE UK CATCHES ON. Unless you have sausage legs, and then you opt for the midi, like me.

The Heeled Sandal

photo (8)

ASOS sold an almost identical pair to these last year and I wanted them more than I want a nice glass of red wine right now. This season they’re coming to New Look, and, this means they’ll be cheaper than their rival pair, HUR-BLOOMIN-RAH. My perfect day-to-night shoe – jeans, summer dresses, midi skirts – they just work.

The Co-Ord Set

photo (15)

Co-ord have been Topshop’s forte for the past year, and yes they’re beautiful, but who can afford to spend close-to-£100 on a two-piece? Not me, thanks. So i’m pretty haps to see this pretty floral print babe from New Look hit the rails. Worn with a slightly oversized mens tee and heels it makes for the perfect office outfit. Whilst i’ll also be teaming the jacket with a polo neck and leather mini, and the skirt on it’s own with a classic white shirt. Multibuy, or what?

The Bikini

photo (11)

I’ll admit it, i’ve never been an avid fan of New Look’s swimwear, but one peek at this amazing print and simple shape and i’m pretty much a convert. The bandeau is the hot favourite on the sunbathing scene (unless you’re me and it makes your boobs look as if they’re about to fall to the floor) and this one nails it. I’m also pretty smitten with the matching jersey beach throwover, so there’s that fact for you to go away with.

The Statement Shoe

photo (6)

Every collection needs a pair of shoes that literally make you go running to see them up close and caresses them in in your hands, and this is what these diamonds did. I even thrust my prosecco in the opposite direction to get a close inspection – I meant serious business. I’ve spent the last 24 hours deciding which colour way I like best and have come up with no solution but to invest in all three. It seems fair.

The Lingerie

photo (10)

New Look have been one of my favourite hotspots for underwear since I was 14 and forcing myself into a padded A cup. Steering away from their signature lacy styles, this fluro bright floral print is the perfect budget set. Plus, it’ll look pretty floating on top of all your other fraying, greying pieces in your underwear drawer, no?

So yes, New Look, well done, you’ve got me ready for a tip-top summer.

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