Five Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now


1. Candy Yum Yum by Mac

It’s not new, but boy is it exciting. This little fluoro pink lipstick totally shouldn’t work with my skin tone, but it just, well, works. It tastes delicious too (as all lipsticks should, obvs). I lost my original lippy to the Mykonos Lipstick Heaven (drunkenly tumbled out of my clutch) and so you now won’t really see me without my eye-wateringly bright pout. Sorry, not sorry. It’s the best lipstick I’ve had in aaaaaages and reminds me that spring is just around the corner. Woohoo.

photo (4)

2. Peter Pilotto for Target Sweatshirt

For all of you out there going “HOW did you manage to get your hands on the sweatshirt!?” It’s like this: I woke up about 10am, rolled about a bit, necked a cup of tea, and then, eventually, remembered that the collection had landed at Net-a-Porter. And there, in the midst of beautiful, bright geometric prints, was my beloved sweatshirt. Love. It’s super comfy too. If you didn’t get anything from the range, sucks to be you. Because it’s so pretty and makes me smile everytime I look at it.


3. River Island loafers

Admittedly, my feet have been sliced to pieces. But what’s the point of pretty shoes if they don’t cause a bit of mayhem? My love affair with the patent clasp loafer came when I died and went to heaven over a pale pink pair at the Kurt Geiger SS14 press day, and now I want every single pair ever created in every shade of the rainbow, forever and ever. They might be out of fashion come September and I’ll probably hate them, but right now I’m hooked.

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4. Red wine (mostly just Malbec, Malbec 4 lyf)

Ok, so this isn’t new, but my love for the rich, red, velvety stuff has increased. I just had two glasses with my beans on toast. It’s probably the best thing about getting old, and it’s just so soothing. I get panicked if I don’t have a bottle by my side on a Friday night. Like, what do straight edge people do on a Friday night? Cry? Scream? Kill small animals? I can only ponder.

teeen mom 3

5. Teen Mom 3

Anyone who knows me will know about my unhealthy addiction with every variety of Teen Mom. I’m gutted about the fact they’ve already cancelled the third instalment. Yes, Alex makes me want to slice my face off, and yes, Nova and Gannon are stupid baby names, BUT IT MAKES ME SO HAPS. I’ve got a massive girl crush on Mackenzie, too. HOW does she have that body only months after a 9lbs baby? Wait, is this the sort of thing I shouldn’t be admitting?

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