10 Things I’ll Be Buying From Primark Next Season

I’ve just arrived home from the Primark AW13 press day and am about to ease myself back into the blogosphere. Aside from a brand new thirst for my fave budget high street brand, i’ve also arrived home to my East London flat with a unicorn onesie, windscreen wiper glasses and a bowler hat. My bad. Sort of. Not really.

After six glasses of prosecco, five sandwiches and several tales of sexual misendevour, I’ve decided that it’s time that HannahGale.co.uk got cool again. So, aside from the fact that this blog post contains no graphic imagery, heartfelt pleas for attention or anything you’ll probably ever relate to, it is still a blog post and part of my mega cool comeback. Let’s face it, it can’t be any worse than Kerry Katona’s, right?

Here’s me today with some people who I sort of maybe work with… I can’t lie to you and pretend we’re really cool and hip and East London and fashion, because quite clearly we’re not…


These babies are trickling into Primark stores between now and November, so keep your eyes peeled. Here’s what i’ll be buying…

1. The leopard print sweatshirt

primarkaw1333redsweattop_FR_1Not only is it leopard print (a trend which I jumped on about five years after everyone else) but it’s colourful and COMFY. I’m picturing throwing this over a jersey dress post-out. It’s the perfect hangover fashion piece (aside from your pyjamas) and will actually give the impression that you’re not still hammered/nursing vom breath/haven’t showered yet. That’s a power fashion piece if ever I saw one.

2. The tartan a-line skirt

primarkaw13Pinbroochtartankilt10instore19.9.13Ok, for just two seconds, just look at this skirt without the beautiful silver safety pin chain. Just look. Right, so punk is not a trend I tend to enter into lightly, after all Madonna does it and I tend to veer away from anything that a leotard wearing 70-year-old deems appropriate, but regardless of this, i’m a little bit obsessed with anything A-line. It’s the ultimate figure-fixer, nipping anything at the waist and skimming thighs – which, incidentally, is exactly what i’ll be needing after a summer spent holidaying on a diet of gyros and champagne.

3. The ridiculous necklace


Kate Middleton’s probably already on the waiting list for this sparkling beauty, after all, it co-ordinates perfectly with that engagement ring. Statement necklaces have been having a right moment of late and it appears that next season is no different, which is an absolute blessing if you can’t be bothered to get dressed in the mornings. This Primark gem TOTALLY ups the ante on all it’s high street competition. Suddenly my grey tee and skinny jean combo looked immensely cool. Score!


4. The embroidered jacket


Chances are, my mum danced around in something just like that at her Polish club as a child. I’m jel. Regardless of that, i’m pretty head-over-heels for this floral beauty. Not only has it got a vintage edge, but it’s super feminine and acts as the perfect summer/evening cover-up. I’ll be wearing this over everything from summer dresses to denim shorts and baggy t-shirts. (Soz for going all fashion on yo asses, except no, you’re right, i’m not sorry one bit).

5. The leopard print flats


Back to that addiction. Without coming over all London – ooh the big smoke, ooh the capital, it’s so much fun, all we do up here is avoid carbs and drink prosecco and date and wear heels (HUGE LIE), these Primark flats fill a massive hole in my life. Without having a car to transport me about i’m constantly trekking between bus and tube stops and therefore have to carry my heels in my handbag. Essentially, when my Steve Madden sandals and Converse just won’t cut it, it’ll be resorting to these to make me look mega cool and chic without sacrificing my cool factor (come on, we all know I have it).

6+7. The tea dress and stole


Primark’s dresses next season actually feel more Topshop than plastic, and I for one am seriously impressed. I love the dainty, vintage print on this one and the flattering fit. Throw-on dresses are perfect for days when you’re too busy thinking about boys/food/being hungover to contemplate pulling together an actual outfit, and this one is fail-proof.

The stole is cute. Almost as cute as my nan’s real fur one with actual real-life fox heads on (THIS IS NOT A JOKE). I’m currently obsessed with amping up my denim and leather jackets with fur stoles to make them look way pricier than they actually are, and this will defs be on my hit list next season.

8. The colour-block tote


Please excuse my crap photography skills, as noted before, I had been going heavy on the old proseccs. This bag is simple, dirt cheap and goes with everything and the faux-leather is looking better than ever this season over at Primark. Both shoes and bags have really come into their own this season and there’s a chance I might just rock up outside the Stratford store with a sleeping back this summer to wait for these beauties to land in-store.



Ok, imagine the best sex ever, teamed with a white sandy beach, a toned size 8 body and Ryan Gosling and you have these shoes. Well, sort of. I’m in love with them and saved them till number 9 on my list in the hope none of you would scroll this far. They look BETTER than Zara this season and even have a hot flush of fuchsia going on – lits, what’s sexier on a shoe? Don’t buy them though, because I will hurt you. Ok, deal.

10. There’s no number ten, you lose, the end, goodbye.

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