23, single and happy.

It’s Monday morning, and whilst the rest of you are knee-deep in careers, babies and studying, i’m wrapped up in bed with my fave pyjama two-piece and charity shop cardigan. (Accompanied by not one, but two cuddly toys, peppermint tea and a few fave Drake tunes)

I’ve had an award-winning weekend away in Liverpool to see a top notch friend of mine and I’d like to dedicate this post to life right as it is in this very moment.

Being a single twenty something is all sorts of good, and all sorts of terrifying. The better points being that it’s incredibly exciting, oh-so liberating, and is filled, right to the brim, with plenty of Sex And The City style moments (champagne, parties and flirting – not one night stands, obvs). The slightly more depressing points being that, when being entirely honest and facing the brutal truth, you are a teeny tiny bit alone.

I like being 23, and I like being single. I like, no, I love, feeling that I am independent, successful and that I alone am the one setting myself up for an incredible life. I relish not relying on anyone to make me who I am. I also love having friends in the same life place as me. There is something so delicious in long chats about life, love and ambition whilst tucked up in bed (or cruising up the M6) with best friends.

I won’t pretend that most of my friends being single and hugely ambitious isn’t an absolute blessing right now, because it really, really is. I don’t know what state of affairs my brain would be in if I was surrounded by engaged, pregnant and unintelligant people.

This blog post doesn’t have a point, there’s nothing i’m trying to round up. It’s more of a place to appreciate what I’ve got right now, and to remind myself just how excited I am for the rollercoaster of life. It’s also a place to reaffirm how insanely fabulous my best friends are. I’ve got a warm, fuzzy feeling in my belly that 23 is going to be all sorts of amazing, and I can’t wait to see what it holds. Right now i’m in a place where I keep smiling to myself in a little bit of a crazy cat woman way.

My head is full of fabulous memories, both from my friends and with boys, and i’ve learnt to ditch my bitter streak – everything has happened for a reason. I’m also smiling because life has had a funny little way of working out if you just relax enough to let it. I’m also smiling because I’ve realised i’m much better than I think I am – anyone that isn’t 100% amazing to you isn’t worth your attention or your energy. It feels good to love yourself, so here’s to being another year older, wiser, and happier in your own size 5 and a half shoes.

Here’s the photographic proof of happiness if there ever was any (disclaimer: these are just Liverpool weekend photos….)

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