Steve Madden: The Prettiest Heels of them all.

I am in love. Just in love. In love with more than my boyfriend, my Harry Potter DVD collection and my cuddly toys. Steve Madden is like a fairy godmother, producing heels that the British market could learn a lot from. The reason I am quite so head over heels about these little babies is because they look so comfortable. Everything about them from the ultra chunky ankle strap, to the stable-looking thick heels and wedges, to the sensible shades, and non-plasticy materials make me feel super safe and super happy.

I love heels (the L word has perhaps come out one too many times in this post, uh oh) because, just like my oversized clutch bag, they make me feel like a bit of a diva, and a stylish one at that. However, my rather impatient self, coupled with my narrow ankles and chubby toe knuckles, means that most shoes irritate me until I’m swanning around bare foot and wading into broken glass and pavement dirt. It’s not practical. These days (I’m officially a retired clubber) I want heels that I can saunter around leisurely in. I don’t want beauties that will get snagged and scuffed at the mere mention of a tropical VK, I want the sort of wonderous products that will be happy to help me battle through a Pizza Express Romana pizza, that will show-off at job interviews and networking events and will, and this is the most important, they absolutely have to be solid enough to cater for countless trips up and down the Victoria Line.

These Steve Madden babies, are my dream shoe. The only set back is their UK availability. Prices start at (my guestimate from the exchange rate) around £50, which is reasonable if I save up and treat myself to a pair. And you know, what, I just might, although right now, I’m having a panic attack over which pair.

Please Mr Lovely Steve Madden send me several pairs because I promise to love and cherish them and photograph them at every opportunity.

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