Topshop’s high waisted collection: Uh oh

Uh oh, because clearly it’s going to be a painstaking struggle to refrain from buying everything the minute I get paid (next week). I love anything high waisted because, let’s be honest, they make your waists look teeny weeny, and, if like me, you have lovely billowing blouses in your wardrobe, they look so much more beautiful when tucked into waist-clinching garments.

I’ve basically moved into my MOTO shorts from last summer. They were originally black, but after wearing them in the delicious Magalufean sea (due to a horrific burn incident) they’re now a faded, mysterious shade of navy. And, may I add, still full of salt. Oh yes, I like the crisp, rugged edge of my non-washed shorts, call me gross, dirty, call me whatever, I just love the way they look. My boyfriend and Dad are perhaps not so welcoming to this love affair, after all my bum cheeks do tend to make the odd spectacular appearance (under 100 denier tights, it barely counts right?). I tend to leave them in the wardrobe when i’m running about in Sussex, turns out the people in Sainsbury’s don’t care much for my jeans and wedges combo on the weekly shop. No-one would bat an eyelid in London, but my wardrobe is consequently suppressed when i’m down in the wonderfully conservative county that is my home.

So back to the point at hand, I love high waisted denim. I love its versatility and practicality (it works with everything else in your wardrobe, and for every sort of event, except maybe your wedding). And I love that next season, i’ll still be allowed to wear it without the fashion police escorting me back to Topshop for the latest fad trend – yes tangerine, I’m sorry to say, that is you, in all your magnificent summer colourings.

So here are a few Topshop loves of mine, stuck on the wishlist until further notice.

Shorts- £28.00

Topshop £40.00

Topshop £40.00


And the pair that aren’t high-waisted – they’re still beautiful

Topshop £38.00

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