My Valentine’s Wishlist

I’ve been the worst sort of blogger of late, the sort that shoots out bundles of posts within a short space of time and then completely neglects all writing, to leave another blog that just floats out, alone, into the big scary blogosphere.

So here I am resurrecting my online self. Gone are the past two weeks of committing myself to being a better a friend, a better girlfriend, daughter, employee and Virgin Active devotee. And here I am, back, judging everyone, Facebook stalking until my eyes bleed and searching for Bargains in every dusty corner of the online platform.

So back to the very post at hand. My lovely, super hard-working boyfriend has unveiled that he’d very much like to buy me a new pair of wedges for Valentine’s Day (well trained, i know). Actually, no, he’d like to buy me a brand spanking new leather weekend bag, but that’s a whole other hygiene-related post i’ll save for a rainy day. So here’s my compiled list of this season’s reasonably priced winners, and when I say wedges, I mean anything with a chunky heel.

Apologies beforehand for my smug “i’m in a relationship and valentines day attitude” – these things happen.

Apart from the first functional pair, I’ve opted for a list of heels that you’ll either hate or love. They sort of scream ‘please, please look at me, or I will wilt and die’ and that’s just what I like about them. The rest of my outfit can consist of baggy kneed jeans and a greying t-shirt and the fashion world wouldn’t care. I want my shoes to do the talking, so I can just be plain lazy. So now’s the exciting part, I have a week to wait until the boyfriend unveils my romantic pair! £32.99

Chinese Laundry at New Look – £79.99

Office £58

Missguided £26.99 £34.99 £30

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