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OK, so here’s the deal – I bought this domain name and blog as a place to show off my journalism portfolio and position myself as a freelance writer, and what kinda happened is, well, everything went a bit insane.

I went crazy stupid viral a few times in 2014 and it transformed my site into a lifestyle destination for women in their twenties looking for reassurance that they’re not alone.

Because we’re not alone, not at all. We all feel a little lost and isolated inside our own heads sometimes and this blog is a place to make you feel a *bit* like you have an invisible best friend, make you laugh until you could do an accidental wee, and make you do ALL of the feels every once in a while.

It’s a combo of nostalgic lists, life advice, beauty products you can actually afford (or y’know, pretend you can afford) and fashion for girls who don’t want their vaginas and belly buttons on show all the damn time (not that there’s anything wrong with that, obvs, do your thang, girl).

There’s also the odd snippet of homeware and food, and I’ve been known to mention books and Pretty Little Liars and Grey’s Anatomy and that, so yeah.

Oh, and I travel quite a lot too. It’s kind of a perk of the job. But you won’t find me aggressively taking over your Bloglovin or Instagram feed with sultry bikini shots on the beach that make you do a little cry into your packed lunch. Instead there’ll probably be sexy burgers on the beach making you do a little cry into your packed lunch. Soz and that.

I currently live in Ipswich with my boyfriend, Chris, and cats, Rudey and Granger, and am an ex-digital journo at LOOK, Marie Claire, InStyle and Metro.

Oh, and I was born in London and raised pretty much everywhere between Littlehampton, Worthing and Surrey.

So, err, that’s everything.

Have fun.


(Oh, I do that YouTube thing a bit sometimes. My channel’s here.)

(Oh and one more thing – this blog does contain some free samples and products from brands sent for review, as well as affiliate links, both on my blog and across my social media. Hope that’s OK!)

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