My Plans For 2020

Here’s a handful of things I’m hoping to achieve in 2020…



Top of the list is this boring and yet wildly exciting goal. Those of you who read this life update blog post will know that the house we were buying last spring in Ipswich fell through and we ended up renting in Sussex, near my family, instead.

It means a lot to me to have my own home because I spent a lot of my teenage years and early twenties drifting and never staying in one place much longer than a year – and so I am utterly pumped to have my own space to not only feel content and comfortable, but also to decorate in line with all the Pinterest photos I’ve saved over the years. Stay tuned for incoming interiors spam.



It’s been ooh… maybe three (?) years since I last had a blog re-design. Maybe longer. And whilst Instagram is still where my biggest audience is and where I am most able to monetise my content, I still want my written content to have a decent platform.

This is already in the works with a big ol’ juicy re-launch on the cards for sometime this spring (date is still TBC). I’m hoping it means I’ll be posting more, but also give me the ability to write quicker news-style posts where applicable and also share more magazine-style features. It’ll make The HG Ten easier to shop from desktop and be super easy to navigate and find old posts. I’m excited, so watch this space!



I am a hideous swimmer. I am embarrassing. I can’t do any of the strokes properly and yet I love it. Before I fell pregnant with Atti I used to swim two or three times a week – as much for my mental health as my physical health. But I found it hard to find the time once I had a newborn and a business demanding my attention.

I managed to make it back to yoga last year, and this year I’ve made it my mission to get back to swimming too. I adore that the pool is the one place I get to shut out all the noise of my phone and every day life and actually get some time to just hang with my inner monologue.



I spent quite a lot of time last year putting together book ideas and writing sample chapters but nothing felt quite right. Weirdly, it’s being back in the pool that’s given me fresh perspective on my writing and new ways to package up the kind of content I want to write. So I want to find some time to really perfect my ideas and fingers crossed, something might come of it.



Like most bloggers, I fell into the world of Olympus Pen, purely because it was super easy to use, fairy compact, looked cute, was relatively cheap and you could get that lusted over ‘blurred background’ with the cheapo 45mm lens. But as time went on and I ended up on my THIRD Pen (one broken, one stolen), I realised I didn’t like the photos I was creating. I tried a couple of Canon cameras and the difference in image vibrancy and sharpness is mind-blowing.

For the past 18 months I’ve been using a Canon PowerShot G9X which was gifted to me as part of a collaboration back in 2018 – with the odd iPhone snap thrown in. And whilst I’ve really enjoyed it as a quick point and shoot camera, I’m tempted to get something slightly more fancy to coincide with the re-launch of my blog.



Our New Year trip to Fuerteventura was the first time I’ve ever been abroad with all four of my siblings and it was bloody lovely. We all had separate rooms in the same hotel so could have our own space and do our own thing as much as we wanted to – I have to say, having my nephews on hand as additional babysitters meant I actually got to read an entire two and a half books over the course of a week. Dream! We’re already plotting our next family adventure.



I want to really embrace time with Atti more this year – I don’t want to be scrolling through Instagram or be disctracted by my to-do list, I just want to be there. With him. Playing cars, watching Blaze and eating blueberries. He might not remember these toddler days, but I will, and I want to remember being present with him and enjoying all those little tiny blink and you miss them moments.

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