Five Fashion Trends I’m Obsessed With For 2020

Hello and happy almost-February! I thought I’d share a handful of the current fashion trends creeping onto my radar by the way of both Instagram grids, and my fave online shops.

They’re all super easy to wear, probably things you already have lurking about the back of your wardrobe (you know the things that fell of a dud hanger about 18 months ago and have now become one with the scarves, dust and discarded clothes tags also hiding in there) and look v chic on everyone.

So without further ado, here they are…



The trend started last summer with that Zara midi dress (no, not that polka dot one, the puff sleeve one that came a few months later and was available in both white and black). I arrived hilariously late to the party, and bought it at the start of this year after spying it in a Spanish branch of Zara.

And I am obsessed!

Cute sleeves. Decent length. Nice and floaty. Room for food. Room for period bloat. Super airy in hot weather. Also looks cute with Converse or heeled ankle boots when it’s colder. Easy to dress up. Easy to dress down. Could be a good maternity one too.

Anyway, turns out the rest of the high street have jumped on that hype too – Next have an almost identical black one, plus the divine leopard one I’ve been wearing lots lately. New Look have a simple black version, and even Tu at Sainsbury’s have done a budget leopard version.

I’m telling you, we’re all going to look like lovely little comfy clones of each other this summer.



I was sent a pair of Rock n Rose twisted gold hoops last year and they quickly became my most worn pair of earrings since the 2017 days of tassel earring hysteria. I adore the way they make you look just a little bit cooler and more put together when you’re wearing something as basic as jeans and a grey jumper. But I also think they look devilishly chic with a red lipstick and a midi dress for dinner.

I’ve since bought a second pair – this time chunkier, from Mango (although can’t find the exact style online).

They’re a little more statement than the humble huggie hoop, but not as impractical (especially around babies and toddlers) as a big ol’ early noughties music video sized hoop.



We’ve all got a slouchy basically-just-a-dressing-gown cardigan that we wear around the house/to pop to the shops when we want to be cosy and warm, but recently I’ve noticed a real focus on a cute buttoned up cardigan, either worn alone or with a plain white t-shirt underneath.

Can be a chunkier cardigan, or a really thin one – but ideally worn with a little gold necklace or two.

I’ve actually recently ordered this pink one from La Redoute (they have loads of great ones in the sale), also a very big fan of this pink one from Next and this orange one from H&M.



This winter saw me – for the first time in my entire life – start going ‘OOOH THIS IS NICE!’ to poo-coloured clothes. I blame Lareese Craig and Chloe Plumstead. Anyway, as a lifelong devotee to dressing like a rainbow, it scares me a little and rocks my identity to feel myself drawn to clothes of a more neutral colour palette, but here I am.

It’s not just me is it? There’s something just quite lovely and calm about a bit of rust and oatmeal paired together (the colours you understand, not the orange crust and the food).



OK OK so admittedly, this last one might just be me. I hold my hands up and confront the fact I put this here so I could convince myself that FEDORAS ARE SO COOL, HANNAH. YOU’RE SO COOL! I recently re-discovered my old black fedora (bought from H&M in a size small so that it actually fits my pea head) and have become low-key obsessed with it.

Love the way it makes me feel instantly just that little bit cooler. I love wearing it with a trench coat or my brown coat through winter (damn those bloody neutrals working so well together) and am excited to wear it with summer dresses and black Converse when the weather gets warmer.

I am on the hunt for a neutral coloured one to add to the ol’ hat collection – but am fussy in the fact that it needs to have a sturdy brim. Not one of these super cheap ones that you so much as sneeze near and it gets a dent in it. Hoping somewhere like H&M or Mango might come up for the win, although this tan Stradivarius one looks cute.

Any trends you’re obsessed with right now?



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