Six TV Shows Worth Watching This Weekend

It’s felt like a bloody lifetime since I last whipped up one of these TV show blog posts and considering the weather is about as bright and enticing as a slimy cave, I thought now would be perfect timing for a fresh round-up.

So pop your pyjamas in the tumble drier, light a couple of Aldi’s finest candles and get yourself heavily invested in a cup of tea and bar of chocolate, because you are about to become addicted to some excellent TV.


New Amsterdam.

Similar to? Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Med.

What is it? You know me, forever a sucker for a medical drama and this one, served up by Amazon Prime is good. It’s got the classic set-up: a group of doctors from different backgrounds with an assortment of personal problems mingling in with every weird and wonderful hospital emergency the city of New York can throw at it. It’s based on the book ‘Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital‘ which hones in on the oldest public hospital in the United States.

Where to watch? Amazon Prime (there are 22 episodes in season one, with season two set to air sometime soon-ish?).


Jane The Virgin.

Similar to? The Good Place, Dead To Me.

What is it? I would come close to saying I hated the first couple of episodes, but it made for fairly easy-to-watch-whilst-I-shaved-my-legs-in-the-bath viewing. It’s shot like an American telenovela which is a hard style to wrap your head around. But it basically follows the story of Jane and her accidental insemination. And whilst the style of the storytelling takes a little while to get used to, suddenly you’re in and you’re hooked and you’re counting down to the moment you can watch the next episode. It’s dramatic but it’s funny and the characters are EXCELLENT.

Where to watch? Five seasons currently on Netflix.


The Capture.

Similar to? The Bodyguard, Line Of Duty.

What is it? Trust the BBC to come up with another corker of a crime drama that serves up twists and turns you never saw coming and leaves you unable to second-guess the ending. This one follows an ex-soldier, a suspected kidnapping and some wild undercover operations from within the secret service. Y’know, all the good stuff.

Where to watch? BBC iPlayer (all six episodes available for another year).



Similar to? Mindhunter, When They See Us

What is it? Another true crime story turned into an instant Netflix hit. This series starts with a teenage girl reporting a rape, and follows the unfurling story line surrounding the impact on her life and the hunt for her rapist. The first couple of episodes are a tough watch, not just because the subject matter is incredibly deep and unsettling, but because of the repetition in the way the narrative works. It picks up the pace a little with the introduction of the female detective duo, who, to put it simply, absolutely KICK ASS.

Where to watch? Eight episodes on Netflix.


Workin’ Moms.

Similar to? The Letdown, Catastrophe

What is it? I know a lot of people preferred The Letdown to Workin’ Moms, but I adored the lighthearted approach to parenting and the way life starts to untangle itself into a new normal after the initial newborn months with a first child. This Netflix comedy is set in Canada and follows the separate lives of different men and women within one parenting group. I gobbled up season three recently within one bed-ridden 24-hour stint and reckon this just gets better, funnier and more addictive with each season. The episodes are only 25-minutes long which makes it extra easy to watch.

Where to watch? Three seasons on Netflix.



Similar to? Station 19, Chicago Fire

What is it? I saved the most awkward to watch til last, but boy this is GOOD. Like really bloody good. I will not stop harping on about it. I watched the first four episodes on the flight home from Chicago and it instantly gripped me, I needed more, more more! It focuses in on the first responders in Los Angeles – it’s split between call-centre staff, fire crew and police, and whilst the storylines are borderline ridiculous (aren’t they always on the best ones though?) it gets your heart beating with anticipation the whole way through.

Where to watch? You can buy the season one box set on Amazon video for £14.99. Season two is the same price (although you can record them on Sky Witness).



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