September Goals For The Rest Of The Year

Ain’t no party like a September party. The vibes around these parts of the year just feel so much better.

The sticky, sweaty summer air has chilled off, the youths are back to school and there’s a fresh chance to set some intentions, hopes, dreams, plans and miracles for the last few months of the year.

(I of course say few which means three, rather than four because everyone knows December is a write-off month only good for drinking mulled wine, wrapping presents and just being a glorious whirlwind of sociable festivities).

So here is a post on my second wave of 2019 intentions and goals. The things keeping me ticking, inspired and excited for the last chapter of the year.



First and foremost, I want to finish getting our new home up to scratch. We moved in about six weeks ago (post here about why we moved from Ipswich to Worthing), and there’s still at least one slowly decaying cardboard box in every room. I managed to get Atti’s room finished and actually organise his clothes in a wardrobe over the weekend, and now I’m feeling ready to tackle the rest.

This home is rented so whilst we can’t do anything ground-breaking to it, I’ve bought some bright new prints to rest on fireplaces and furniture so it has our stamp on it. I’m excited for it to feel tidy, calm and like my very own grown-up oasis, even if it’s just for a moment before cars, Rice Krispies and felt tips get thrown in every direction.



I felt like I hadn’t had one of those ‘FUUUUUUCK YES’ work surges that come from feeling proud/excited/fulfilled from a career high in ages, and then I thought I’d take a gamble and upload my first IGTV.

Those of you who have followed me for a while we know I used to do YouTube, but never really found my footing over there – I found the community much more harsh than elsewhere on the internet and never felt like my editing and filming techniques were up to scratch. But with IGTV there seems to be much less pressure and honestly, I’m really, really enjoying it. I’m hoping to keep uploading weekly – a mix of fashion, beauty and home.



We’ve had our fair share of family trips this year – although I am very aware a lot of them were complimentary press trips organised by PR teams rather than things we’re paid for and planned ourselves. For this last part of 2019 we’ve got more adventures lined up, but they’re all things we’ve organised with friends and family which makes them a) a lot more relaxing as there’s less pressure to post and b) perhaps more special as they’re with loved ones.

Chris and I are off on a child-free few days to Chicago this month to celebrate my 30th, and then we’re off for a few days to Norfolk next month with friends for a little AirBnb staycation. Then over New Year and Atti’s second birthday we’re off to the Canary Islands with all four of my siblings to celebrate my oldest brother’s 40th birthday and I can’t wait! Lots to look forward to.



At the moment we’re unsure of our moving house and location plans after our rent contract finishes in January. We could stay here a bit longer, but the loose plan had always been to move back to Ipswich and buy somewhere. I’m not sure what the future holds for us, but I am sure of how much I’ve been enjoying my social life for these past six weeks. Not a day has gone by without swinging into my dad’s for a cup of tea, or having a play date with a mate, or having games night with my brother or sister, and it has made my soul feel good. Like really, really, really bloody good. So I’m planning to feel the rest of 2019 with plenty of human interaction whilst I have my nearest and dearest on my doorstep.


An easy thing to write, but a little harder to put into action. I’m not much of a worrier, I don’t plan for worst case scenarios or assume bad things will happen to me, but like many twenty-something women of 2019, I’m a sucker for worrying I’m not pleasing people. I often fall down a deep, dark hole of worrying if strangers like me. But you can’t make everyone like you, and by trying too, you often end up watering yourself down for fear that that the juiciest, most powerful parts of you might offend. I don’t want to live like that, and I certainly don’t want to create like that.

I’ve found that the better my offline life is, the less I worry about the trivial parts of my online life. So here is to having the confidence to share unapologetically, and to remembering that I am worthy, even on the bad days.



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