How I Style My Midi Skirts

If there is one thing that we can be sure of in this life, it’s that I love midi skirts.

I love leopard print midi skirts, I love silky midi skirts, I love bright coloured midi skirts, I love flowy midi skirts. I LOVE THEM ALL.

So I thought I’d share a handful of tips on how I style them and what I wear them with and how I make them very much part of my every day wardrobe, whatever the weather.

I’m also sharing a midi skirt ‘The HG Ten’ over on Instagram stories today which I’ll add to my highlights in case you’re reading this post a little late.

And for context, I am 5 ft 2, usually take a size 14 in clothes and my body shape is roughly hourglass – I have big boobs, a big bum and thighs, but come in at the waist, which is where I like my skirts to sit.

I don’t shop for petite midi skirts and prefer them to come at least half way down my shin, but am cool with them creeping towards my ankles. I also prefer a zip waistband over an elasticated waistband (unless the elasticated waistband is very thin), and prefer a flowy shape over a straight and slinky kind of shape.



The most obvious way to make midi skirts practical for every day wear – soft play, the supermarket, going to see your grandparents for a cup of tea – is to wear them with trainers. I have two pairs that I wear religiously with my skirt collection – the classic white pair (these ones are old Next, but similar here), and my Converse high tops.



Admittedly, I am not a tights girl, even in the thick of winter. I tend to balance out a soft and flowy midi skirt with a chunky jumper on top when it’s a bit chillier and pray that it stops me losing my nipples to the cold. My usual style is to keep the jumper loose on top and then just tuck in the front of the jumper to the skirt to make it look casual and a bit slouchy. If I wanted to be warmer I’d maybe stick a biker jacket or blazer on top – or another suggestion is to wear super cropped leggings underneath.



Current fave vibe at the moment is to match the colour of my midi skirt to either a t-shirt or jumper. During the festive season I teamed my silver skirt with a grey jumper and my gold skirt with a cream jumper. And now that it’s a bit warmer I’m all about the matchy matchy t-shirt. If a printed skirt has more than one colour than I’ll try and hone in on one of those colours.



Finding shoes that ‘look right’ with midi skirts is hard. If I’m not wearing mine with trainers then I tend to go with a classic strappy sandal – these ones are old Bershka but there’s loads of similar on the high street at the moment. I think you could equally wear a flat sandal – I’ve just got these Next ones for summer and think they’d look really well. I think boots can be quite tricky. I’ve seem some girls look AMAZING with chunky Doc Martin style boots and midis, but the only ones I ever really wear with them is a heeled sock-style boot which comes quite high up my shin. An over-the-knee style would look lovely too.



My go-to outfit every time would be a midi skirt, a slogan t-shirt and a blazer. It’s my formula which makes me feel good and the most ‘me’ every damn time. Sometimes I’ll switch out the t-shirt for a jumper or a white shirt, and every now and then the blazer makes way for a biker jacket or trench. I think it’s an easy combo to start with if you’re feeling a bit lost in the world of midi skirts.


So in summary, a short list of things I think look fucking fantastic with midi skirts: t-shirts, jumpers (I tend to go with plain one colour jumpers), white shirts, blazers, biker jackets, trench coats, trainers, sandals, sock boots and a pointed shoe.



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