The Beauty Products I’ve Re-Purchased In 2019

Don’t you just love it when all the things that help hold your face together run out at the same time? And then you’ve got to decide between a heavy Deliveroo addiction to see you through the dire darkness of January, or, y’know, fork out a small fortune to keep your face fit for public consumption.

I went with the latter, and splashed out on a couple of online orders full of all my favourite lotions and potions.

I’m always keen to see the products people love enough to part their hard-earned cash on over and over again, so thought I’d reveal the bits and bobs I’ve repurchased in the first six weeks of this year.

Here goes.


IT Cosmetics CC Cream.

I’m on my third tube of this stuff – it’s pure magic, but it runs out fairly quickly if you paste it on the way I do. My first two tubes were press samples (one standard and one matte) and I’ve just bought myself another of the matte, in shade ‘Light’. I find the coverage incredibly good considering the product itself feels so, so light on the skin.

You do have to blend quite a lot, so it’s not a quick skin fix on mornings where you have 71 seconds exactly to get ready, but it’s absolutely one of the best things I’ve ever found for covering up my delicious skin acne without going cakey and crusty. It does come up glowy, so if you’re naturally an oily gal, would recommend trying the matte one.

Shop here.


Clinique Moisture Surge.

My favourite moisturisers are gel-style ones which don’t make my skin oilier than it already is, and also work as a nice base under make-up and Clinique Moisture Surge is one of those. It feels more luxurious on your skin than other competitor brands (although I do love the Origins Ginzing one too), and is perhaps a little thicker.

I try and use every morning and evening (although sometimes use something a little heavier in the evening if my skin is looking sad and tight), and one pot tends to last me a good few months.

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Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant.

I started off with the tiny travel £8 bottle of this to road test if it was really as good as everyone said, and then went ahead and purchased the full-size bottle because it was LOVE.

It’s basically a lotion that you apply to skin after cleansing but before moisturising and is truly excellent on acne-prone skin, helping to unclog pores and bring down inflammation. I started off applying once a day, but find my skin reacts better to twice daily application.

Am currently using this every three days and then on the fourth switching it out for a retinol.

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Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I’ve been using this product for about three years now – ever since a beauty blogger told me that there was in fact a special paste you could stick on your eye lids that stopped your eye shadow creasing. REVOLUTIONARY!

And it works, it really works. Even after long days in London I’ll get home and realise my shimmer eye is still hanging on for dear life, bless it – even long after my eye brows have started trying to fade away into 2008. Would highly rate if you also have eye lids that generally look like they’ve been spritzed with Fry Lite.

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L’Oreal Professionnel Silver Shampoo.

Another product I’ve re-purchased a few times over – this is by far the best shampoo I’ve ever found for tackling all the bright yellow shades in my hair. I wish someone could have told me toner was a thing back in year nine when I constantly had gross Sun-In yellow hair.

Anyway, I tend to use maybe once or twice a week as a normal shampoo and if my hair is looking particularly brassy then I’ll use it as a mask and leave in for 10-30mins. It has been known to leave a slight purple-silver hue to the lightest tips of my hair when I’ve left it in too long but I can live with that.

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Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant.

I was the girl at school who had to keep her arms firmly pinned to her side because lord almighty, the sweat! It was basically down to my waist. I had armpit ponds.

Cut story short – I discovered this deodorant a few years ago whilst working with Sure on a project and have never looked back. It’s pricey at a fiver, but it does the job because I rarely have soaking wet armpits and rarely have any natural musk about me. It is the absolute tits.

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