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Ey up lads! Having spent a generous 78% of recent evenings splayed out on the sofa watching TV (the remaining 22% having been dedicated to Two Point Hospital and eating snacks), I thought it was about time I put together another little TV round-up blog post for you.

This is a collection of some of the best things I’ve viewed over the past couple of months and they’re all available via either Netflix or iPlayer, ITV Hub etc etc so no having to frantically watch them in 17 parts via YouTube or illegally downloading something that only ever aired in the UK in 2002.

So put on some fresh jammies, make yourself a cuppa and wrap yourself in at least three blankets, because I got your weekend viewing covered. Enjoy!



Good if you liked: The Moorside, Little Boy Blue.

It’s always weird recommending a crime drama that’s based on true events, but this ITV show is hugely gripping, hard-hitting and even a little insightful on how investigations and police operations actually work. It focuses on the atrocities of Levi Bellfield in Surrey in the early noughties – including the murder of Millie Dowler and his eventual arrest. It’s also only three episodes long, so one to tackle in a night or two.

Where? ITV Hub.


Sex Education.

Good if you liked: Skins, Love.

A super easy, brilliant view all round. Whilst the show itself is set in current day Britain, there is a slightly odd mash-up of vibes which take an episode or two to digest – the style is very eighties and the high school has a real American vibe (there’s almost a Saved By The Bell kinda feel), but somehow it just works. There’s lots of sex and alcohol and masturbation, but more than that, there’s just bloody excellent (and likeable) characters – including one played by the ever-incredible Gillian Anderson.

Where? Netflix.


Killing Eve.

Good if you liked: Hard to say – strong women characters and crime combined?

Would go as far as to say my favourite of them all? Features two incredible faces – Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy and Jodie Comer from Doctor Foster. It’s hard to describe Killing Eve because essentially it is a crime thriller – lots of death, lots of chasing, lots of twists and turns – but there’s also beautiful clothes and humour and deep, relentless passion too, which makes it unlike anything I’ve ever watched.

Where: BBC iPlayer.


The Good Place.

Good if you liked: Brooklyn 99, Parks & Recreation (not seen either but Reddit told me they were similar so?)

My favourite thing about The Good Place? The episodes are half an hour long. HALLE-FRICKN-LUJAH! Something I can watch without falling asleep. Second favourite thing is that it features Kristen Bell and Jameela Jamil. Would not describe as ‘gripping’ but more as ‘easy-watch’. The kinda thing you’d want to binge whilst ill in bed with a cold (which is exactly what I did). It’s kinda funny, kinda light and is based in the after-life.

Where? Netflix.


The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina.

Good if you liked: The original Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Riverdale.

Admittedly it took me a few episodes to really get on board with this remake: it’s far darker than the original, Salem does not speak, and the words ‘auntie’ and ‘cousin’ are thrown around way too much. But I think it’s actually really very good and the thing I liked about it (apart from Sabrina’s very excellent hair) was the way it allowed you to escape into an entirely different world. Am super pumped for the second half of season one to drop later this year.

Where: Netflix.



Good if you liked: The Letdown

Season four is currently half way through airing on Channel 4 and the rest of the seasons are available on demand, but YES super relatable if you’re a new(ish) parent. I watched the first two seasons before Atti was born and found them fairly depressing if not a little funny but now I am through the other side I am basically howling whilst snorting tea out of my nose. It features Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney who are both just incredibly brilliant – it’s nice to find people who get you, right?

Where? All 4.


Evil Genius.

Good if you liked: Making A Murderer, The Jinx

Ever since Steven Avery’s case had everyone binge watching Netflix like they’d never seen a TV before, there’s been a huge surge in did he or didn’t he? documentaries, most of which, in my opinion, fall a little flat. I was instantly hooked by Evil Genius though – so much so that after one episode I decided it was too good to keep to myself and waited for Chris to get home so I could make him watch the whole thing with me as part of a couple-bonding experience. There’s only four episodes which makes it a fairly easy watch.

Where? Netflix.


And a few I didn’t like as much as I’d hoped: The Staircase (went on for approximately 72 years and nothing of note seemed to happen), The Innocent Man (very, very mildly gripping, but again a bit slow), Mindhunter (soz team, know most of you rate this VERY highly but where is the storyline please?) and You (which admittedly I only got half way through but a bit creepy and a bit cringe?).


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