My 12-Month Baby Routine

I’ve never shared one of these kinds of posts before, probably because a) I was scared people would judge me for becoming a boring mum (big holla to the other boring mums out there – you da real heroes) or b) I was scared people would be like ‘oh hun, you are doing this wrong – lemme tell you how to do it right.’

But fuck it, it’s a new year and sticking with the theme of creating the content I want to create and writing about the things I want to write about, and so hello yes I have a lovely new parenting post for you.

I find these kinds of things fascinating. I like to hear what other babies and parents are up to and how their lives and logistics work.

So here is a breakdown of what’s currently working for us.


WAKE UP – Anywhere between 6am and 7am.

BOTTLE – 6oz (around 170ml) of cow’s milk as soon as he wakes up.

BREAKFAST – 8am. Usually this is something like toast with peanut butter and some blueberries. Could also be Shredded Wheat or Cheerios.

MORNING NAP – 8.30am. I try and judge this based on when Atti starts getting irritable and arching his back and/or rubbing eyes and yawning. But usually I put him back down between 90 minutes and two hours after waking up.

NAP WAKE-UP – 10am. I let him sleep for as long as he wants unless we have plans to go out. It usually can be anywhere between 40 minutes and an hour and a half but has been known on the odd occasion to hit three hours. Eeesh!

SNACK – 10am. Usually once he’s up and dressed he has water and something like a satsuma and some Ella’s Kitchen snacks.

LUNCH – 12.30. He’s currently going through a phase where he won’t let me feed him so a lot of the time it’s trying to find finger food he’ll actually eat. Current faves include veggie sausages, peas, parsnips, fish fingers, pasta, falafel, cheese and bean wraps, Cheddar, tomatoes, olives.

NAP – 1pm. I usually time this for around three hours after he woke up from his morning nap, unless he’s showing signs of tiredness beforehand.

NAP WAKE-UP – 2.30pm. Again, I let him sleep for as long as he likes (unless the nap has ended up being later in the day and then 4.30pm is the latest I’ll let him sleep). Usually the nap will be somewhere between 40 mins and an hour and a half long.

SNACK – 3pm. I tend to offer him water again and maybe fruit or something from the Kiddylicious range.

DINNER – 5pm/5.30pm. My boyfriend walks through the door at 5.30pm, so, where we can, we try and eat dinner all together. Atti will often have something similar to us, but broken down into finger food. Sometimes he’ll have a yogurt afterwards too.

BATH – 6pm.

BOTTLE AND BOOK – 6.15pm. After the bath we’ll go into our room and give him another 6oz of cow’s milk (he won’t always drink all of this depending on how much dinner he’s demolished that day) and get him in his pyjamas and read a book or two with him. His current faves are any with lift the flaps.

BED – 6.30/7pm. We use a sleep bag and a white noise app on the iPad below his cot for both bedtime and his day naps. We kiss him good night and leave him to settle himself. Sometimes he will be down within two minutes and other times it’s closer to twenty-minutes, but he’ll then sleep through the night unless he’s teething or ill.


Obviously this routine changes a bit depending on if he’s managed a decent nap on mornings he’s at nursery, and he tends to have a slightly later night if he’s been at his nanny’s for the afternoon. I also find that if he’s skipped a nap for whatever reason (if he’s being babysat by others or we’re traveling), he’ll then end up taking a really long (two and a half to three hours) first nap the next day to make-up for it.

He has to be utterly exhausted to fall asleep in his pram now, but can just about still manage a car nap if it’s timed with his actual nap time and we’re on an A-road or motorway but not if we’re just pottering about town – so the majority of naps are taken in his cot.

Am not quite sure he’s ready to transition down to one nap, based on the fact he does 11-12 hours at night and will take an extra long nap the next day to make-up for missing a nap the day before, but it’s something we’ll be keeping an eye on in the coming months and transitioning him accordingly.


Is this anything like yours?


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