My Plans for 2019

Obviously I went to write ‘my plans for 2017’ because I am living two years in the past and WOW OK WHERE ARE THE FLYING CARS, 2019?

Here’s a few things I’m looking forward to this year, a few things I’m passionate about working on, and a few dreams I’ve got simmering under the surface somewhere.



Whilst I don’t think people read blogs the way they did maybe five years ago, I do think there is still a place for them somewhere on the internet. My blog – this space – took a battering last year as I waded back into the working world, but having had some time away, I’ve realised just how much I love – if only just for my own mental wellbeing – writing long-form posts. They feel like my own form of therapy and I always come away feeling such a release from clearing the emotions and thoughts hiding in the corners of my brain.

There is, however, always the fear that upon pressing live you will become the subject of some rather excellent digital hate, and I hope that won’t dent my confidence too much.

These posts definitely won’t be daily, and they might not even be weekly, but they will be here, so keep your eyes peeled.



We’re off on our next baby-free trip in a couple of months time and I am already desperately craving the quality time together – no-one really prepares you for how much a baby completely throws your relationship out of whack.

We’re spending a few nights in Copenhagen (I found v cheap Ryanair flights and lol shock horror, we’re staying at Citizen M again – purely because the beds are hideously comfortable) so appreciate any tips that get flung our way.



The biggie this year is the plan to eventually upsize to a new home. We’ll stay in Ipswich but hopefully find somewhere with a third bedroom and a deliciously juicy open-plan living space downstairs. I want to be able to watch Atti throw himself at furniture whilst I cook nachos y’know? I want at least one floor lamp, a coffee machine and maybe a food mixer. Not asking for too much am I? Ha.



2019 is the year I hit my first big ol’ birthday milestone since I got hammered in a Brighton nightclub and cried because I got a broken plastic VK bottle in my foot. Ah to be twenty-one.

For this one I’m thinking something slightly more classy. Maybe a big blow-out dinner for close friends and family? Or a little trip away with the boy and baby? Either way, I better get planning.



My biggest mantra for the new year is to spend less time aimlessly looking at the same crap on my phone that I saw when I picked up my phone three minutes ago and seven minutes ago and twenty minutes ago.

I’d like to be a bit more productive with my time. Ideally that would be writing, or even taking photos for Instagram but I’d also like to read more, take long baths more and fully focus on my kid more.



Spoken like a true millennial. Last year was the year of the reusable coffee cup and water bottle. It was the year of brown paper and newspaper wrapping paper. It was the year of cutting down on meat consumption. And this year I want to keep on ploughing on with small changes. I want to keep looking for new ways to save on waste and new recipes to replace old favourites.



Ah it’s only been a casual 16 months since my last yoga class. Whilst it would be nice to feel a bit physically stronger, my main reason for going back to regular classes is for the incredible mental wellbeing side of it.

Every session I’ve ever been to has always left me feeling fresh, calm and ready to tackle the world and I want more of that feeling, y’know? I want to be better at switching off and taking time for myself.



Whilst I’m basically packing my capsule Copenhagen wardrobe as I type, I’d love to be able to go away with Atti too. There’s a couple of ideas in the pipeline – a staycation with friends in a local AirBnb, a jolly to the Canaries for my brother’s 40th, but we’ll see. I’m so excited to watch him grow this year.



I guess my main hope here is that I can entwine more of helping strangers into every day life. I want buying for the food bank to be part of every pop into Tesco, I want buying hot drinks and sparing a fiver for the homeless to be second nature. I want to be better. I want to be kinder. I want to be a better example.

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