Eight Things I’m Shopping And Wearing For AW18

I’ve spent the last six months blindly moseying on by in a blur of cute slogan t-shirts and midi skirts, popping on the odd blazer when the weather crept below twenty degrees. And it’s been a blissful fashion existence.

I’ve worn cross body bags and strappy black heeled sandals and I have felt a bloody lovely balance of me, and comfortable.

But then lol haha, the Indian summer suddenly fucked off and left us with classic British weather and quite honestly, I felt like it took some of my identity with it.

Is that a thing?

So I have spent the past two weeks researching my style. Which I know sounds like a lame thing to say. I’ve been pinning on Pinterest, reflecting back on my past Insta outfits, and going right back to last winter on some of my fave Insta fashion accounts (@livpurvis, @thefrugality, @erica_davies) to get some inspo.

And from my screengrabs and saves, I’ve managed to collate a bit of an idea about what I’m into for winter 2018 and what I’m drawn to over and over again.

Of what combos might keep me warm, but also feel kinda cool and work not just with my body shape, but with lots of the things already in my wardrobe.


1. Wrap coats.

The only coat I’ve got eyes for right now is the humble midi style (gotta sit somewhere between knee and ankle), which ideally would have a lovely wrap belt so that I have the choice of doing it up and showing off the fact that somewhere under all these layers of knitwear, I have a waist. A waist, guys! It’s under there! Promise!

There’s some delish ones on Arket and & Other Stories, but if your budget is a bit lower then check out eBay, so many gorg wool styles for under £50.


2. Midi skirts.

Because I refuse to believe they’re just for spring and summer. I will be wearing them without tights. Dun dun dun. But if the weather really drops I’ll maybe stick a pair of cropped leggings underneath to act as a very sexy pair of thermals.

I’m particularly loving all the autumn-hued silky satin skirts at the moment (like the sold-out £29 Topshop one), as well as animal print styles which look great with a big fluffy jumper half-tucked in.


3. Sock boots.

I find midi skirts and midi dresses really hard to match with footwear. In the summer I love heeled (but not too heeled) sandals, and I’m also a big fan of the white trainer look.

For AW18 I’m going hard on the sock boot, and if not the sock boot, then an ankle boot style that is both heeled (three inches is my ideal for being practical yet sTyLiSh) and sits a little higher up on the ankle, because they seem to work best with the ol’ midi length. This is the kinda thing I’m talking about.


4. Warm and camel tones.

I don’t know if I have finally entered adulthood or if I’ve been spending too much time with Chloe (@chloeplumstead), but I am apparently very obsessed with camel right now. Camel coats, camel knitwear, camel trousers, the list goes on.

Also loving deep rusts and mustards and oranges. I am an autumn tree.


5. Cropped trousers.

As someone who puts off wearing trousers wherever possible because petite size 14 trousers are the pits, I am trying to branch out this year. If only because chances are there will be some days where skirts will not be an option unless I want a snowman to attach itself to my shin.

I’m hunting out styles which are slightly cropped, wide leg, and ideally have a lil but of elastic in the waistband (to help allow room for mince pies). This pair from Miss Selfridge are my current squeeze, but am on the hunt for a similar pair in black. Also, not entirely repulsed by the idea of a pair of cords? Am I crazy?


6. Jumpers over dresses.

I’ve long admired anyone that can throw a jumper over their fave midi/maxi dress and not look like a giant blobby potato.

I have since discovered that there are two tricks to it. One is to add a tailored jacket (either coat or blazer) to make you look a bit more put together (also, warmer) and the second is to go for a slightly cropped jumper, especially if you are v short so that it doesn’t look like you are about to be the first person to ever be drowned by their outfit.


7. Snake print and leopard print.

No shocker here then lads, eh? If you are going to jump on the midi skirt trend for autumn, I would suggest doing so in one of these prints because they are pretty much definitely a neutral and therefore go with everything.

Look cute with black, grey, beige and camel. Leopard also looks lovely with pink or violet or blue. Snake print also looks cute with yellow or orange.


8. Understated knitwear.

Previous years I might have gone all guns blazing with bright HELLO I HAVE ARRIVED knitwear which is basically putting on a pantomime for whoever looks at it, but this year I’m keeping things simple.

I have a few styles on rotation at the moment (an excellent mix of both old and new) in dark blue, grey, yellow, beige and off-white. All have a hint at a roll neck style, some are thin and good for layering and others are thicker. They all go with my excessive midi skirt collection but also are easy to throw on with jeans and Converse too.


What are you guys wearing right now? Lol OK sure, somehow that sounded sexy. I cringe, I cringe.



Coat – New Look | Jumper – Monki | Trousers – Miss Selfridge |

Boots – (old) River Island, similar here | Bag – JW Anderson


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