15 Things I’ve Learnt About Myself During My Late Twenties

I realise that lol sure ok still got an entire FIFTEEN MONTHS left of my late twenties (get the violins out, lads), but I feel as though I’ve been on a bit of a steep Hannah Gale learning curve of late.

Maybe it’s having a baby, maybe it’s growing up, or maybe it’s something else entirely. I dunno.

But anyway, I thought I’d share my new revelations with you, because there’s something incredibly liberating about admitting things to yourself.

1. There is nothing that makes me feel more miserable than a day at home on my own. I don’t know if that makes me broken or unusual, but I have to get out. I have to be doing things, running around, pushing myself, keeping busy, seeing people. It is the very thing that brings me inner contentment.

2. I REALLY LIKE VEGETABLES. I mean sure OK, if you’re going to put a salad and a pizza next to me I will always wade in face first to the melted cheese topped dough, BUT, I do, I actually like vegetables. I don’t eat them because I feel like I should eat them, I eat them because hello fork of sexy stuff. Current fave squeezes are beetroot (espesh when paired with goat’s cheese), asparagus and carrots. True story.

3. I’m much better off only buying midi and maxi dresses. If I buy something with a hemline above the knee, chances are I’ll wear it once and then it’ll hide at the back of my wardrobe FOREVERMORE. Whereas if I buy something longer I’ll wear it again and again and oh look again. Longer styles make me feel more confident, but they also feel more me, y’know?

4. I really, really like the phrase ‘this too shall pass’ and I wish I’d recited it more to myself in my teens. Physical pain doesn’t last forever, mental pain doesn’t last for ever and stressful situations don’t last forever.

5. I am a bit fat and that’s OK. Like, do I still sometimes lose myself in dizzy daydreams where I suddenly have a flat stomach and a teeny size 8 waist? OF COURSE. But I don’t pine for it, I don’t go on extreme ‘lol let’s get beach holiday ready’ diets, and I don’t get hung up on it. My body’s pretty freaking awesome as it is.

6. I have a poor relationship with flat shoes. I never buy them, I feel like they make me look stumpy and then LOL SURE, I either end up in trainers every day or shoes that make my feet hurt after 45 minutes and maybe this is something I should change going forward?

7. I have unrealistically high TV programme expectations. Like, everyone else will be harping on about something and being like IT’S AMAZING, and I’ll watch and be like heh 7 out of 10. Like Line Of Duty, I mean I liked it, I really liked it, but I’m not going to still be singing about it in a decade’s time alright.

8. I have a real issue of panicking that OMG I OWN TOO MUCH STUFF and doing a huge wardrobe declutter only to realise two months down the line that I really bleedin’ miss my strappy leopard print flats and why oh why didn’t I just hide them in the loft for a bit?

9. When I feel nervous or anxious about something, I think about the worst case scenario and then make peace with the worst case scenario and it always makes that thing feel less scary. Like, take going to the dentist for a check-up for example. The worst that happens? They are APPALLED and I need serious dental work. And then we do the dental work and it hurts and is uncomfortable but then it is done and I am fine and guess what guys? Life goes on.

10. I’m really, really bad at texing back – and it’s just getting worse, the older I get. I see the text and in my head I’m all like ‘yeah sure will reply to this in a bit’. A bit means never, obviously.

11. That fashion is much, much more than what makes you look slimmest. Getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t be about what makes you look a dress size smaller, it should be about what makes you feel comfortable and happy and confident and yourself.

12. How much I value kindness and empathy. I think they’re two of the most overlooked and underrated character traits in today’s LIVE FAST, BE A SUCCESS, DO YO’ THANG society. And a little bit – whether to a stranger or a loved one, goes so far, for both of you.

13. I will pretty much only use a bag if it’s a cross body bag or a straw bag and to this day I have no idea why I avoid all other bags the way I avoid slugs, glasses of milk and dogs that think it’s OK to lick your face.

14. Whilst I am hideously open with complete strangers – both on the internet and in real-life – it actually takes me a really, really long time for me to connect with someone on a ~deep and meaningful~ level.

15. That actually, we – every single one of us – are actually much more alike than we’ll ever realise. And remembering that, in moments of madness and chaos, is the very thing that saves us.


Dress – Very

Bag – Very

Shoes – Very


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