6 Things That Make Me Feel More Like My Pre-Baby Self

Having a baby is absolutely delicious. But it also completely strips you of your identity and then you have to play a fun lil game of piecing yourself back together again week by week until you can look in the mirror and be like HEY I KNOW THAT GAL! I KNOW HER! I DO!

And, whilst it’s still very much early days for me, I thought I’d share a few of the things that have made me feel more like me over the past few months. Like a Hannah Gale I recognise circa 2018.

I’m very much of the belief that a happy mama equals a happy baby, so am trying to take some time at the moment (and dedicate some mental energy) to the second most important person in my world, ME! Lol.

Here’s what has helped me…



Trying to take short bursts of time completely to myself. No baby in my arms, no baby snoozing on the monitor next to me, just an hour here and there where I don’t have to think about someone else before I get up for a pee. I usually go out in the car, turn my music up so loud that my ear drums are quivering, get some coffee, and then just enjoy hanging out with my laptop. I’m not gone long enough for the baby to miss me, I’m not gone long enough to miss the baby, but I’ve had a breather, a little break, and it feels good.



Ain’t no kind of clothes shopping that’s better than post-baby clothes shopping. After nine months of trying to squeeze yourself into ~trendy~ bed sheets, the online high street is suddenly your oyster again. Huzzah! I’ve found some of my best recent purchases to be trainers (thankfully it seems to be cool at the moment to wear them with midi skirts and   dresses and I’m so here for that),  crossbody bags (hello hands-free), and slogan t-shirts.



I’ve been trying to take time to actual pamper myself a bit recently. Now, I’m not talking like lavish massages and facials, but actually – and this is a wild one – remembering to wash my face and moisturise day and night. Whilst it’s not exactly ground-breaking, it’s the little details like that in every day that make me feel more like a functioning member of society and less like a decaying potato.



Not that conversations about formula and sleep routines aren’t normal, but bleedin’ heck, it’s wonderful to discuss non-baby stuff too.

I try to make an effort to send texts to my mates about stuff I would have done before – a little pic of my latest Domino’s order or an update on a crime mystery we’re all hooked on. No matter how much I just want to chat baby baby baby because it can feel like the only thing floating around my head a lot of the time.



Whilst we do a lot of family dates these days – brunches, lunches and overnight stays in hotels, we also try hard to have a night just the two of us every month.

It’s an excuse to put on all my good make-up (sometimes even EYE LASHSES and TAN and OK look I’m getting carried away here), to have a wee little cocktail and to pretend I’m still hip and fun and young and happening.



I’ll hold up my hands and admit that I was desperate to rush back to me. I wanted to prove to myself that I could have it all and LOL OK HUN GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just accept that you’ve been through one of the biggest things anyone will ever go through in their life and y’know what? It’s OK to go slow. It’s OK to just live in that moment, to breathe deeply and let go of the person you were before. Because the new you is awesome too.







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