How I’m Balancing Working With A Baby

I have three hours to myself this morning and in that time I was supposed to clear out my P.O. Box, get my nails did, reply to the most crucial emails hovering in my inbox and write two blog posts.

And lol, supposed to be home in 32 minutes and only just opened WordPress so this is going super swimmingly.


Anyway yes hello and breathe, here is a blog post crammed with all the tiny ways – some obvious and some less so – I manage to balance blogging with having a very small child.

I mean, some weeks are easier than others and some days I cry and shout and get overwhelmed, but some weeks I feel like super woman and I’m like who run the world?

So yes, here’s how I’m doing it…


1. I work with Atti’s naps. Some are thirty minutes long and in that time I can edit some photos or have a quick blitz of the emails or post a little summin’ summin to Instagram and have a bit of an upload sesh on stories. It’s all about using those little snippets of time productively rather than lol going to lie on the floor and open every social media app on my phone.

2. The car is my best friend – because that’s the only way I can actually get Atti down for longer than half an hour (although yes, I’m aware you shouldn’t leave a baby in a car seat for longer than two hours). I use the driving-him-to-sleep time to either pick up a coffee from Starbucks Drive Thru (let’s face it, I’m always in the market for a fresh shot of caffeine these days) or, my new thing is to drive to random parts of town I’ve never been to before to scout out outfit shooting locations. Every cloud and that.

3. Before I go on a ‘nap cruise’, I make sure I have ample car supplies. I pack my phone, laptop and phone charger (and snacks and water, obvs). That way, once he’s fallen asleep, I can park back up outside my house and connect to my own WIFI and hello let the work session commence.

4. And, if he’s being clingy and will only nap on me (v cute, but v restricting) I just whack on the baby carrier (we have an Ergobaby 360) and get going about my business.. I did my tax return when Atti was five days old, I just strapped him to my front, made a cup of tea and away we went.

5. I say yes to all the help I can get. We have the luxury of having one local grandparent which means I normally drop Atti off for a couple of hours once a week. I’ll then use those two hours to either head to a coffee shop and write, or I’ll pick up Chloe and we’ll head out to shoot some outfit photos.

6. My boyfriend was able to negotiate his working hours once Atti was born, which now means he has every Friday off to look after him. This is when I’ll go into London (I normally leave the house at about 7am) for meetings and events. I also get the majority of my writing done on the train to and from London which is a nice bonus.

7. I use a tripod and remote to take Instgram photos in the house whilst the baby is either having one of his infamous power naps –  or when he’s having a giggle to himself in his bouncer whilst watching Vampirina (I’ve got no issue with a bit of help from the TV – I was basically raised by Nickelodeon and I’m fine… pretty much).

8. OR I take photos with Chloe and we co-incide it with nap time. He’ll be dozing in the buggy whilst we mosey about Ipswich, drinking coffee, catching up, and finding places to take cute outfit snaps for both our blogs and Instagram. Also works quite well because it means we both get a bit of fresh air and that.

9. During the weekend we try and do a bit of tag-team parenting. Chris will go out for a two-hour run and then we swap shifts when he gets back so that if I’ve got a deadline I need to hit or I need a bit of ‘old Hannah’ time, I can leave him in charge and tap out of baby duties.

10. I put a lot less pressure on myself than I did pre-baby. It sounds silly but I was always my worst critic before Atti was born and was constantly beating myself up for not achieving more. Now I’m a bit more realistic with myself and accept that lol, raising a baby is a whole job and a half in itself and if I manage to get anything else done – whether that’s a blog post or a washing load – then that’s just a sparkly bonus.

11. I’ve also adapted my content to make it easier for me – which is why you’ll see less blog posts but more on Instagram stories. Taking cute blog photos and having time to type an actual entire paragraph is a luxury that I don’t have most days, so instead I focus on the things I can – things like Instagram stories which can be done on the move, in the car, and within little pockets of two-minutes Hannah time.

12. For the past couple of weeks I’ve also tried to limit the time I spend on my phone in front of him. I want to have quality work time and quality mum time and not do a half hearted effort on both. I want to feel like I have separate time to do a semi-decent job at both and so whenever he’s asleep I switch into work mode, and whenever he wakes up the phone/laptop goes down and hello I’m a mum again.


And that’s about it. If you have any tips please, please do hook a gal up – this balancing lifestyle is bloody hard but also pretty spectacular too.



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