Three Make-Up Products I’m Into Right Now

Yo yo yo.

Currently sat in the car with a snoozing baby, dreaming of sexy lunch ideas (jambalaya from the freezer? Gnocchi with a cream cheese sauce? Something with halloumi?) and I thought now seemed like as good a time as ever to pen a little something on my current fave beauty squeezes.

I remember when I was pregnant I received approximately 743362394 (slight teeny tiny exaggeration) telling me I wouldn’t have time to do my make-up every day with a small baby.

This is a lie.

I still wear make-up six days out of seven and on the seventh it’s because lol ain’t leaving the house for anything unless the Domino’s delivery driver needs flagging down.

So yeah, these are the current bits and bobs making me feel more like a distant cousin of the Kardashians and less like a decaying sausage looking sad at the bottom of the bin bag. Enjoy!



I want to apologise profusely in advance for this one. It’s a fucker. It was gifted and its retail cost is an almighty £49. Lol.

But oh sweet lord how it makes the angels sing. I owned the original natural beauty version which launched a couple of years back, but sadly had it stolen a few months after. Anyway, Charlotte has since launched a couple of additional versions – my fave being the Seductive (oo-er) Beauty version.

For £50 you get a bronzer, a highlighter, a blusher to sweep on your cheeks and a blusher to dab on the apple of your cheeks. There’s also three eye shadows which are all supposed to be applied at once for the full look (obvs you can use them individually too).

There’s a video on Charlotte’s website which shows you how to use the entire palette within five minutes and I cannot explain how helpful/life-changing it’s been. My make-up has honestly never looked this good, I’ve never had so many compliments and I’ve never felt more confident. Highly recommend.



I think I mentioned a while back that I was really into MAC’s ‘Please Me, which is like a nice subtle every day shade of pink. Anyway lol looks like I’ve ditched the bright lipsticks altogether because this badger from Bourjois is a similar shade. Not too brown, not too purple, just a lovely wearable soft pink kinda colour.

I’ve been wearing it with NYX’s lip liner in ‘Bedrose and it’s just a wonderful, natural little combination that I am very much here for.

The matte liquid lipstick itself is really lovely and creamy to apply and not too drying. Plus, it’s currently £6.49 in Boots so yeah, that.



I tried the ‘fat’ version of this a few years back and wasn’t a huge fan, but when this fella came in my Mothership x Birchbox I thought I’d give it a whirl and OH HUBBA HUBBA I LOVE IT.

It’s super easy to use even if you’re shit at eye liner like me. It’s like a true black and isn’t watery and patchy like some. AND it stays on all day.

I’ve been wearing it like three times a week and everything. I’d say it’s a bit like the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, but actually maybe better. Will absolutely be buying again.


And that’s it from me, over and out. Imagine some sort of hand waving emoji right here. K bye.

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