12 Tips For Nailing Your Wedding Guest Outfit

And just like that, wedding season was upon us.

Cue spending your entire life savings on fancy four-day hen dos, overnight stays in random corners of the country you had no idea even existed, and weeping whilst your best mate since omgz foreverz says ‘I do’ to a guy you might have once told her to sack off.

What a wonderful time of year, eh?

And with weddings, comes the all-terrifying quest of working out what to wear that will a) make you look like INSANE – only second to the bride, obvs and b) make you feel comfortable for a day that feels like it might possibly have been going on since 1992.

So I’ve compiled my list of top tips for wedding guest dressing (spoiler: I have teamed up with the wonderful people at House of Fraser for this one) to help you on your merry way. Enjoy!

1. I thought I’d start with an obvious one, but work out what makes you feel your best and absolutely run with it. For me it’s a dress length that falls below my knees (less fake tan needed, obvs), and a shape that nips me in at my waist and then flows out over the ol’ mum tum. When I go back over old photos of special events these are always the style of dress I look back at and think heh, I look kinda cute here. And so I return again and again.

2. Another alternative is sacking off the whole dress thing completely in favour of a jumpsuit (no fear of accidentally flashing your pants which is always a triumph), I especially love a culotte one as I’m so short and find the wide leg shape super flattering on my thighs.

3. OR look at pleated midi skirts if you want something you can get a decent cost per wear from. Look cute with a plain cami top or shirt with a bouji bag and heels and equally as cute with a slouchy jumper and trainers.

4. Oh and word of wise advice, do not buy your outfit a couple of months in advance whilst two days into a health kick and assume you’ll fit into a size smaller than you are. Did this back in 2016, ended up changing into a different dress half way through the day because can. not. breathe. Clever, v v clever.

5. With bags, you have two options. The first is that you just accept that actually, ridiculously cute clutch bags cost £££ and so you may as well invest in something absolutely insanely delicious that you’ll be able to wear to every wedding/fancy shamancy birthday party/trips to the races/posh occasion for at least the next decade. Me? I love an enamel box clutch. Hubba hubba.

6. Or two, you go with a chain cross body that will leave your hands free, but also be usable in your usual day-to-day life. Something classic in a nude or black should be just the ticket.

7. Don’t buy a pair of stilettos approximately the same height at the Empire State Building and then give them their first wear to a wedding. Because you’ll a) be standing for approximately 62% of the time and b) you WILL get dragged onto the dance floor for the Macarena. Give ’em a few wears around the house first so you know exactly where to place the plasters before the blisters hit.

8. Or do the Hannah Gale and opt for the midi heel. Comfortable (although still recommend giving them a few wears whilst you’re doing the ironing first because shoes can rub in the weirdest of places), but still give you enough height to make you feel v sophisticated.

9. With the wonderfully predictable (lol) nature of the UK weather, it’s probably best to bring a lil cover-up with you. Thankfully, that will give you a very valid excuse to lay your hands on this spring’s must-have, the humble blazer. A slightly oversized boyfriend-style is my favourite as you can layer a jumper underneath and wear it with jeans and trainers most of the year round.

10. I always get asked how I get away with low-cut or wrap style dresses, given my, ahem, larger chest. The answer my friends? Safety pins. If it’s the first time you’re wearing a dress/jumpsuit/etc, I’d definitely whack a couple of pins and maybe some tit tape in your bag because it’s likely you’ll only notice the slight hiccups in the way it fits when you’re an hour or so into wearing it. Always nicer to feel secure rather than risk flashing a nipple in a wedding selfie.

11. Other things worth shoving in your clutch include – plasters (obvs), a hairband, lipstick, eyelash glue (ain’t nothing worse than one becoming unstuck an hour into the day heh?), concealer

And 12. Even if all else fails and you’re walking around barefoot before the food’s even been served and you’ve had to unzip your dress because haha it seems to have shrunk, just remember that no-one looks back on a wedding and goes HA, remember that girl who had a wardrobe fail? Go, enjoy, be a queen, laugh, make memories, etc etc etc.



Dress – Chi Chi London at House Of Fraser

Heels – ALDO at House of Fraser

Clutch bag – BIBA at House of Fraser

Blazer – Linea at House of Fraser



You can shop all things wedding guest outfits at House of Fraser.

This post is sponsored by House of Fraser, but all views and tips my own.


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