My Under-£30 Accessories Haul

Chances are, you’ll have seen a loada this hunky stuff on my Instagram already but I thought FUCK IT, let’s do a blog post too. Because y’know, why not?

Now, I have to confess that I’ve been on quite the slippery shopping slope recently – mostly because I’ve suddenly been gifted with a body I vaguely recognise again and getting dressed has become a bit of a joy. I feel a bit like a child waking up to a Barbie Dream House on Christmas Day when I wake up in the morning and have my entire wardrobe on offer rather than just dungarees and super stretchy leggings.

So yeah, shopping.

As you’ll have spied from the image up top, there’s a bit of a theme with everything I’ve been picking up of late – and that’s monochrome with a sexy splash of red. Things that are – fingers crossed – kinda versatile. I’m big on red at the moment because I just feel like it a) goes with tons of other colours  – pale pink, pale blue, black, white, cream and b) it adds a pop of summin’ summin’ to even the most basic of outfits.

Anyway, that bad boy haul…


I picked up these little sling back kitten heels in both black and red as part of my Instagram collaboration with Primark and lord almighty even I’m surprised with just how much I’ve been wearing them.

Y’know me, long-time lover of the sensible can-actually-wear-out-the-house heel, but these are extra great because they only cost £13 and DON’T GIVE YOU BLISTERS. I mean, not sure what else you can actually ask for in a pair of shoes?

Anyway yeah, look fabby (vom, hate that word, why did I type it?) with frayed blue jeans or with black wide leg culottes or with midi dresses and well yes ok with your entire wardrobe. K bye.



If you spent a chunky part of last summer eyeing up all the cute v expensive versions of this bag on Instagram that were doing the blogger circuit then, well, same same.

When Topperz launched their version last month it took me an entire two hours to fall prey to it, and it’s still sitting in my cupboard waiting for its first outing. To me it’s a real spring/summer bag so I feel a bit like a dipstick trying to sashay about in the current three degree climate with it, but love the fact it’ll go with pretty much every pretty dress and sandal combo come the warmer months.

Lol what warmer months? (Shop here).



Now these fellas are a bit like Marmite because yes ok they’re a touch gimmicky but FUCKING HELL I THINK THEY ARE AMAZING.

They’re a bit of a dupe (cough, copycat) for the Saint Laurent ones that cost approximately one hundred times more, but they’re pretty much the most wonderful way to cover up my ever-growing dark circles.

I feel like they just inject a bit of personality into a plain jeans and jumper kinda outfit, y’know? (Shop here)



Y’know me, wouldn’t be a Hannah Gale fashion post without me slotting in some obscenely in ya face tassel earrings.

My current flavours of the month are both Primark ones (huzzah to not having to spend a tenner to jump on the trend) – especially the pale blue ones as I think the colours a little unusual and would look completely banging with a tan (who wants to take me on holiday plz? Will take all your Insta shots?) and a red lip.

Both pairs were about £3 I think, but don’t hold me to that ok.



Easily my most used handbag at the moment is this little hunk from Accessorize.

I won’t lie, I was swayed into buying it after seeing everyone with dollar sporting the monochrome Gucci Marmont which was just ever so slightly (by about £775) out of my budget. And, well, this one has a similar look about it.

It goes with everything from my leopard print faux fur jacket to my excessive blazer collection and has two compartments, plus an inside zip which makes it v practical too. (Shop here)



Another buy as part of my Insta collaboration was this little red bag.

I’m a sucker for anything with hearts or stars on because basic millennial bitch or something like that, and loved the fact this had a gold chain strap which instantly makes it look a smidge pricier (I cannot for the life of me remember if this was £6 or £8).



Once upon a time I owned a pair of black round-frame RayBans and then at some point along the line (likely after a Pornstar Martini or seven) I lost them.

I love the shape – I think they look pretty effortlessly cool, but couldn’t afford to buy another pair, so have been buying cheaper versions ever since.

H&M usually do a pretty good copy, but I found these fellas in the Tottenham Court Road branch a month or so ago and have been wearing them religiously ever since (in all that glorious sunshine we’ve been having recently, lol I jest, I jest).


What’s your fave buy?


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