My Most Used Beauty Products So Far This Year

First off, I am aware the title of this blog post is a little ~wild~ considering we’re less than 40 days into 2018, but hey, watcha gonna do.

I had big blogging plans to compile a nice little cliche ‘fave beauty products of 2017’ post back in December but waddling and naps and moaning about how much I missed red wine kinda took over and LOL no such post was ever created.

So here we are now.


Anyway, these are the beauty products I’ve been using pretty much every day so far this year. The low-maintenance stuff that’s been making me feel slightly less like a giant decaying baking potato.

Obviously I haven’t had oodles of time to sit around attempting to blend out cute glitter smokey eyes for Insta selfies for obvious reasons, but I have had time to y’know, wash and attempt to make myself look like a functioning member of society.

And these are the beauty fellas that have been helping me.



Chris bought me this for Christmas (I asked for it, he’s not like some rare present-buying genius) and it’s become the every day shade I slick on to make up for the fact I look a bit (read: a lot) like shit.

Despite the fact the photo makes it look like some terrifying vivid shade of bubblegum, Please Me is actually a pretty neutral pink shade – call it the perfect daytime alternative to nude lips for gals that aren’t quite hip and happening enough to copy Kylie Jenner. Shop here.



After staying strong for an entire two weeks after the Glossier UK release at the end of last year, I finally fell prey to the online hype during their Black Friday 20% off offer and snapped up their infamous jelly cleanser.

Anyway, my first impressions were that it was a bit average. It smells a bit blah and doesn’t do anything ground-breaking, but what dya know what? I seem to be using it every day. Heh.

If you’re looking for something heavy-duty to remove your make-up at the end of the day, this isn’t your badger, but if you want something light and simple for a morning cleanse or a no make-up day cleanse then actually it’s pretty bloody perfect and leaves skin feeling super fresh and clean. Shop here.



The heroes at Bobbi Brown sent me a few skincare bits for my hospital bag and this fella is by far my favourite – probably because you can apply it in less time than it takes to pull on a pair of knickers.

I’ve been spritzing it on morning and night after my cleanse (lol look at me pretending like I’ve been cleansing twice a day) in an attempt to a) wake myself up a bit and b) make myself look hydrated and glowy and less like a dying rodent.

I hope it’s working. Shop here.



I’ve been using this since I was 17 because it’s aces (and always on offer) and decided to switch over to the stretch mark variation about half way through my pregnancy.

I quickly neglected all other stretch mark lotions and potions purely because LOOK THIS ONE HAS A PUMP APPLICATOR which makes it a lazy gal’s dream.

(Disclaimer: I did get a handful of stretch marks after my boo was born, but am continuing to use this to help convince the aggressive purple lines to eventually turn silver). Shop here.



Chris and I were sent the matching new men’s and women’s fragrances from Emporio Armani last year and I’ll be honest, I’ve definitely had worse post.

And guys, guess what? THEY’RE BOTH REALLY ACTUALLY VERY NICE. LIKE, REALLY NICE. So nice in fact that we both wear them most days.

The women’s one has a light, feminine sweetness to it, whilst the men’s one now reminds me of Atticus being born because Chris would whack on half the bottle whenever he went home for a shower whilst I was in hospital which will forever make it that bit more special. Shop here.


Also need to give a standing ovation to Batiste Dry Shampoo for keeping a gal going even on the tough days, to Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo for smelling like happiness and being cheap as chips and to Clinique Moisture Surge for being the best every day moisturiser for haggard people. You guys are champs.


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