A Mini Nursery Haul

I took the photos for this post four days ago and have been meaning to type it up ever since but keep getting distracted by v important things like naps, and OOOH CHRISTMAS TREE MUCH PRETTY and Googling my wonderful pelvic pressure, desperate for reassurance that it means the baby is positioning itself for birth.

(Still got no idea if it does.)


I planned to do a full nursery tour blog post, but although we’ve bought pretty much everything we need (plus a few things we don’t because ya gal got carried away in IKEA’s cushion department), we haven’t actually got the room ready.

I mean, the baby doesn’t sleep in there until it’s like six months old, so I gather we’ll just hang the prints up and get rid of all the excess cardboard boxes littering one corner some time between now and then?

So yeah, here’s a haul post, crammed full of some of the cute bits and pieces I’ve bought for the baby’s room over the past few months.



As soon as I decided I was in the market for a couple of semi-colourful prints to sling up on the wall above the cot I headed on over to Etsy, which is where I discovered the ever wonderful illustrator James Barker.

As well as this jazzy alphabet animal print (which features not just a flamingo and a leopard but a mother-freakin’ NARWHAL), he also has some cute dinosaur designs for sale, as well as cushion covers and notebooks.

So yeah, I popped it in a pale pine frame from IKEA and it’ll eventually go above the cot. Probably. Maybe. Hopefully. Who knows. Shop here.



LOOK I BOUGHT A SEMI-SENSIBLE THING IN THE BLACK FRIDAY SALES. I mean, if book ends are sensible. Do people even use book ends anymore? Anyway, these are from Sass & Belle, but I spied them on the ASOS website in their Christmas gifts section, and snapped them up whilst there was 20% off.

I’ve currently got my Harry Potter collection stuffed between them on the chest of drawers in the baby’s room but am hoping that eventually the baby will have enough of its own book collection to put there instead.



I think this was officially the first nursery thing I bought – sometime back at the start of autumn. I had an Etsy voucher that had been hanging about the house since the start of the year and thought it might be nice to spend it on y’know, someone that isn’t me.

It’s by the Little Loud Company who have quite the array of cute felt garlands and cot mobiles, but I went for this bright star one because I decided it was a pretty safe starting point for a fun and gender neutral nursery. Shop here.



My biggest bargain by far has been this twenty quid rug. There was a couple of bright, sassy, YOU SO WONDERFUL rugs I wanted from La Redoute to help brighten up the grey painted floorboards, but sadly they were all too big for the space.

I found this one on eBay from a shop called Homescapes and it’s done the job pretty well, plus I won’t be too pissed off if I spill tea across it which I ultimately will. Shop here.



I discovered the independent company Seventyseven84 via Instagram and they sell a few things including personalised christmas sacks, sweatshirts – and these cute woven slogans.

What am I going to do with it? No bloody idea, but I love it. I’ve seen a few people get their baby’s names made-up, but I’m too impatient for that so went with the classic ‘love’ design in red because there’s something sassy about it that just reminds me of my nan. Shop here.



This little poppet of a print was actually a gift for the baby from the designer Eleanor Bowmer. And yes OK I seem to have developed some obsession with rainbows and what of it?

She has loads of cute and v bright prints for both nurseries and other rooms, and also sells some incredible leopard print tea towels which deserve a big ol’ shout out. Shop here.


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