My Favourite Moments Of 2017

I wrote a favourite moments post last year (you can read it here) and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside – not to mention, y’know, grateful for everything and everyone that I have.

I often think we get so focused on the next goal, the next challenge, the next event or milestone, that we sometimes forget to just sit back and reflect and go y’know what? Life is actually pretty fucking awesome.

Hashtag blessed.

So here’s my 2017 in highlights, and here’s to coming to the end of another pretty wonderful year.



I mean, it’s a bit of an obvi one really isn’t it? I actually found out I was pregnant the day I got back from my trip to Corfu with Chloe back in April. I’d had really sensitive nipples (TMI?) for over a week and was like THIS IS NOT MY USUAL PRE-PERIOD SYMPTOM WHAT IS GOING ON?!?

Anyway yeah, slung my suitcase in the hallway, ran up the stairs, did a test, and then there blinking back at me was two very definite lines. I then had an hour to wait and twiddle my thumbs before Chris got home from work and I could be like ‘I bought you back a present from Corfu’. Lolz.

He didn’t even need a long sit down when I told him, what a champ.



I’m still not even really sure that this one’s sunk in yet – despite the fact I passed over a copy of a magazine with a very naked Hannah Gale on the front cover to Chris’s mum at the weekend.

IT IS BONKERS. BEYOND BONKERS. So, in case you’re new around here – back in June I was crowned ‘Blogger Of The Year’ at the Blogosphere Magazine awards, and went on to be their September cover star. You can still snap up the issue in W H Smith branches nationwide just FYI.

So yeah, big thank you to everyone who voted for me – it means a huge amount and is an achievement that I can look back at on days where I’m struggling with my self-worth and be like y’know what? You’ve done alright gal.



Whilst our two-week West Coast road trip was bloody wonderful, it was our Mykonos babymoon in September where I felt most content and truly happy.

I’d spent a lot of our U.S. trip feeling nauseous, taking hefty naps and being a diva when it came to food (I’d gone off coffee, Diet Coke, eggs, fish and vegetables which was wonderful), whereas by the time we went to Greece, I felt that glowy wonderful second trimester buzz everyone talks about.

It was also my birthday and I just felt so incredibly overwhelmed with love, both from those closest to me and from strangers on the internet.

Can I go back now plz? This gal is missing her nightly Nutella waffle.



Another career highlight for me was getting signed to work with Primark for an ongoing project earlier in the year – something which was recently renewed.

Some girls dream of Gucci, but for me, Primark was the perfect fit for my blog and ahem – excuse me whilst I curl up and die – my brand.

They’ve been a dream to work with and you lot seem to have really enjoyed all my Instagram posts, proving that #ad doesn’t have to mean lower engagement so long as you get the brand and the brief spot on. I’m hoping there’ll be more of the same in 2018.



Any gaming fans will know that Nintendo not only launched a new console this year – but also the most anticipated game in the Zelda franchise since Ocarina Of Time (which came out way back when in 1998 and is often deemed the best game of all time, no biggie).

Anyway, me and my brother and sister invested in a Nintendo Switch and Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, with the rule that we could only play it when we were all together.

Considering they’re both based in Sussex, it’s been tricky to organise, but has given us the kick up the bum we needed to actually make the effort to spend quality time together pretty regularly. They’re actually coming up this weekend and I am buzzing for Thai takeaway, trackies, duvets and lots of game time.



Sometime back in the spring I got a ginormous box delivered by a courier but was in a mad rush and left it in the hallway, assuming it was probably a new shower gel release with far too much packaging that I’d get round to opening later on.

It was only about six hours later when I’d stopped flapping about and went to make a cup of tea that I remembered it even existed, and as my cuppa brewed, I was like yeah, lemme crack into this.

AND THEN THERE WAS A MULBERRY HANDBAG. And I had to sit down. And I think I forgot to breathe for about 37 seconds.

Anyway, if everything goes tits up from here on out, at least I can tell my unborn child that once upon a time I was actually considered even 2% cool enough to be gifted a bag by Mulberry. It’s bright orange and makes me smile every time I crack it out of the wardrobe, so thanks Mulbs!



Losing my nan, my babcia, has been the hardest part of 2017 – and I’ve often felt ashamed and embarrassed for being so flooded with grief for someone who was clearly at the end of her life.

I never got to tell her I was pregnant and I never got to show her my baby scan, and I mean, maybe it’s the influx of pregnancy hormones, but I’ve really bloody missed her doing all the things she used to do for me when I was growing up – like making me chicken noodle soup and brushing my hair and forever putting blankets on me even when it was 30 degrees.

In the weeks and months that have followed her death I’ve been incredibly lucky to have people like my brother and sister and dad and step mum to lean on for support and to help celebrate her in the way she so truly deserved.

And so, despite 2017 having its difficult times, it’s worth remembering that there is always a positive to be pulled from the depths of darkness, you just might have to search really bloody hard to find it.


Bring on 2018.


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