Pregnancy Diary: Week 29 – 31

I know I say this in every bleedin’ pregnancy diary post – but seriously though, this last few weeks has been my fave yet.

Yes I’ve been tired – so tired that sometimes I’ve just started crying because MUCH EXHAUSTED AND SOMEONE COME AND LOOK AFTER ME, yes I’ve been uncomfortable – especially when trying to get off the sofa, and guys, my right nipple legit starting leaking – BUT, we are so close to meeting this baby.

Not only that, but everything seems to have amped up a gear and it feels like I’m finally allowed to start properly preparing and getting excited. It’s also felt like the bigger I’ve got, the kinder people have been to me, especially strangers, which is no bad thing.

Before now it’s almost felt like parenthood was some distant hazy dream that might not happen, and it’s been almost like buying anything big has felt like leaping ahead too soon.

Whereas now, well now I better hurry up and fucking pack that hospital bag.

(I mean, I jest slightly ‘cos I’ve got a good month left yet before that should be neatly waiting by the door. Or at least I think I d0).

The cot is built, the baby’s chest of drawers are built, there’s boxes containing its pushchair and Snuzpod sitting around waiting to be built, and I’m about to throw myself into the v I’M GOING TO BE A MUM task of washing all the teeny tiny babygrows and vests.

‘Cos apparently you got to wash clothes before you put them in them? It’s not like you and me where you just whip something out the ASOS bag and then trot out the house. No clue why, we haven’t got on to actually looking after a baby at our antenatal classes yet.

We’ve also just rounded off a four-week hypnobirthing course, which was free through Ipswich hospital.


We learned about the different stages of labour, what actually happens to your body and coping mechanisms which has made me feel completely chilled out and confident and clued-up about birth.


Like, I had no idea you could bring a shit load of your own stuff from home to make your delivery home feel more like your own little birthing nest. We’ve already bought some LED candles and an aromatherapy oil diffuser to replicate the set-up in our classes. We’ve been trying to have a few nights a week where we put our phones away, turn on our little fake candles, put on relaxing music and go through our breathing exercises and affirmations and I sleep so bleedin’ well afterwards.

We’ve also just started NCT classes – more for the social aspect and with the hope of learning to y’know, actually hold a baby (and the rest).

So far we’re not enjoying it as much as hypnobirthing, so we’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

What else can I tell ya?

I’ve had a couple of midwife appointments which have been fine, but we’ve got to the stage in pregnancy where you get your belly measured at each check-up to see how the baby’s growing.

Because the baby was measuring two weeks ahead at both appointments, I was referred back to the hospital for a growth scan to check that everything was looking dandy.

The baby was looking golden and well within where it should be size-wise (it was head down with it’s legs by its head and its arms round its legs, and the sonographer commented on its – and yes it’s still weird calling it an it rather than a he or she – advanced yoga moves. Hashtag proud parent).

However my placenta is absolutely not where it should be. It’s still currently blocking the ahem, exit. Like a stubborn Snorlax blocking your route in Pokemon Red.

So that’s swell.

It’s still got a few weeks to get a shift on, but it’s meant that we’ve started doing a little research on what happens in a C-section so that we’re a little prepared for that option too. I mean, on the plus side, if I do have to get a scheduled section it’ll likely mean the baby will be with us before Christmas so that’s a pretty sweet silver-lining.

I’ve also got my baby shower this weekend which I’m super pumped about. I’ve bought the most extra dress possible so that I can swan about like it’s my wedding day whilst everyone else sits and drinks tea in their jeans and jumpers.

I have no regrets.

Which reminds me, I desperately need to print off my baby shower game. I’ve gone with a classic – How Well Do You Know The Baby Mama? I mean, fifteen whole questions all about me, can anyone think of a better way to spend the afternoon?


We’re having afternoon tea with some friends and family, and then a couple of my gal pals will be staying with me overnight for board games, nachos and trackie bottoms. If that doesn’t sound like the best weekend then to be honest you’re probably wrong.

And on that note, I need to go buy some balloons and see if Ipswich high street has any ridiculously over-the-top glittery clutch bags.

Living my best life.

See ya!

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