The Super Snuggly Leopard Print Coat

Oh well hello there.

Y’know how it is, another week, another coat.

This one is brilliant for several reasons. Firstly, I caught my boyfriend stroking it in the car the other day which I think means he likes it, or at least thinks it’s comforting or y’know, maybe got confused and thought it was one of the cats?

Secondly, it is leopard print. But not just your average leopard print, it’s like some sort of jazzy but not too jazzy abstract leopard print.

Thirdly, it’s super warm. Like, crazy warm. Like, hello, my name’s Hannah and don’t mind me just wearing a sleeping bag out the house. It’s perfect for crisp winter mornings (lol, used the W word), not so perfect for when it’s thirteen degrees and November is busy masquerading as September.

And fourthly, I’ve started describing it as my ‘cool mum coat’.

I realise that the faux fur element makes it highly incompatible with baby vomit, but it’s the sort of coat I can throw on with skanky leggings, trainers and a big ol’ jumper (like today) and still feel like myself.

And I think it’s important to have coats like that – in fact it’s important to have lots of accessories and fashion pieces in your arsenal that make you feel like you – things like bouji earrings and HEY HUN LOOK AT ME handbags. So yeah, this coat is one of those.

It’s from ASOS and comes in your bog standard sizing, as well as petite, tall and curve. So big up to the lads at ASOS for catering to all of us gals.

On a side note, if no-one could look directly at my hair in these photos, that’d be grand. It might turn you to stone.

I’ve gone a casual six months without a hair cut, colour or treatment and it’s looking, ahem, interesting.

Got a hair appointment this week though so fingers crossed I come out looking like some sort of Jessica Alba/Lauren Conrad/Ashley Benson hybrid.

See ya!

Coat – ASOS

Jumper – Primark (in-store only)

Jeans – ASOS Maternity

Bag – Mulberry

Boots – River Island

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Necklace – Rachel Jackson London



Photos by Chloe Plumstead.

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