My Predictions For Blogging In 2018

If you’ve followed my blog for a while now you’ll know that I like to do this post every year (and yes, you can spy last year’s one here to see if I was accurate or not).

The future of the blogging industry, and the journalism and content industry as a whole, is something that freakishly fascinates me and I could talk about it until my voice has turned into that of a croaky elderly gentleman.

We have no idea what’s going to happen – it’s exciting and it’s terrifying and WHY DID I SPEND £30K ON A DEGREE FOR A  JOB THAT MIGHT NOT BE AROUND IN A FEW YEARS?!

But I thought that I’d lay out what I think will happen in the next twelve months based on what I’ve been spying on the internet recently.

Whadda you guys reckon?



You might have noticed a lot of your fave bloggers have stopped posting so regularly this year. That daily posts and twice-weekly YouTube uploads have fallen back to posts every now and then or maybe not at all – and actually, I don’t think this is a bad thing.

I think there was this real focus on growth within the blogosphere – that we should all be aiming for huge empires, working our butts off and absolutely ‘killing it’. That we should all be pushing ourselves to be the most girl boss version of ourselves.

And actually, I think this year a lot of us were like um… but why? What’s the point? Success is great and wonderful and feeling proud of your achievements is fucking awesome, but you know what’s better? Treating yourself the way you’d want a friend to treat themselves. Making time for friends and family. Being a better person. Prioritising self-care.

Twenty-seventeen was the year we started to fight back against the idea that we’re only good enough when we’re working hard, and I think that will continue into next year.



I spoke about this a bit last year but micro-blogging via the way of Instagram is going to continue to grow. What I mean by that is we’ll be consuming more content via Instagram than I think we even realise, and because of that, more creators are going to continue placing an emphasis on the photo-sharing app above their blogs or YouTube channels.

Whilst my blog traffic has kinda stayed the same for the past couple of years, my Instagram engagement – especially on my stories has only grown and grown. Whether it’s because our attention-spans have decreased or because we like digesting content in bite-sizes throughout the day, I dunno – but expect to continue seeing meatier Instagram captions and more regular uploads via the stories feature.

Lol, remember when we used Snapchat?



My favourite blog posts have always been the ones where someone has suddenly had an idea or thought so intense that they feel like they might explode if they just don’t bloody type it out and explore it there and then. Y’know the ones, they spring up from nowhere and all of a sudden you’ve got 1,000 words laid out in front of you and it’s somehow only taken you 17 minutes. MUST. GET. THOUGHTS. AND. IDEAS. OUT. OF. SYSTEM.

And I’m the same with Instagram – I love a daily outfit snap or something that’s been captured in the moment. Real little snapshots into someone’s day, rather than a product shot someone took last week and is uploading as part of a planned Instagram feed.

I think next year we’ll see more spontaneous content, more off-the-cuff content, more real content.



I spoke last year about brands ploughing more money into ‘influencers’ and actually I’m not sure that’s played out the way I expected it to. I think if anything, brands have been a lot more strategic this year – there’s been a lot of ambassador programmes launching, including #TopshopGirls and the Primark Collective and I think there’ll be more of this next year, especially with high street fashion brands.

I reckon there’ll also be less paid-for content that feels forced – because brands and bloggers are communicating better with each other about what works and what doesn’t.



Now maybe I’m just throwing this out there because it’s the direction I’m going in and I’m praying to the internet lords that I made a good shout cutting out my YouTube channel – but 2017 saw a lot of new ventures.

Everyone and their nanna’s cat’s best mate launched a newsletter and a podcast and face-planted YouTube and looked at selling something cute and creative on the side.

And, whilst it’s awesome that so many of us are exploring content options and extra ways to make a few dollar, I think a lot of us spread ourselves thin in the process.

We not only creatively exhausted ourselves, but we kinda forgot what we even enjoyed in the process. I predict that next year more people will step back and accept what is working, what isn’t and actually, what brings them joy and that’s pretty bloody awesome.


What do you guys, think?


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