Six Ways To Wake Up In A Better Mood

Y’know when you’ve had like three bleurgh days in a row and you’re like OH COME ON WORLD HOOK A GIRL UP WON’T YOU?

You’re happy, you’re content and yet you seem to have apparently left your get-up-and-go somewhere.

Under your desk with your spare pair of heels? In the boot of your car with cereal bar wrappers and unused yoga mat? Or maybe at the back of your wardrobe somewhere with all the clothes that have fallen off their hangers? Who knows.

Anyway, this post is a checklist for those days. For when you just need to step back, find your motivation and get cracking with turning a meh week into an aces one.



A lot of my mood actually depends on how I’m feeling about myself. So, if I’m feeling confident and happy in my own skin then chances are, my mood will be a strong eleven out of ten.

I’ve become hideously lazy with skincare since falling pregnant (the joys of being tired 97% of the time) so am constantly scouting out products that require minimal effort with maximum results – and a current fave right now are the Yes To Sleeping Masks.

You whack them on before bed, sleep in them, and then voila you wake up looking a whole lot sparklier and perkier than the night before.

And no, they don’t leave nice sexy marks on your pillows, don’t you worry lads.

I’ve been using the Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal one to help with some of the lovely hormonal congestion on my chin and love that it not only helps clear my skin, but also leaves it super soft as it’s super hydrating as well.

And I’ve got to say, it’s a lot lighter and easier to apply than any charcoal mask I’ve tried before – it feels more like an intense moisturiser than a heavy paste.

You can snap the masks up (there’s also a moisturising coconut one, a cucumber soothing one and a grapefruit vitamin C boosting one in the range) from ASOS for £2.99.



I’m a morning person, so if I slob about in bed for too long it makes me feel sluggish and I’ll usually end up feeling guilty about wasting the day, being lazy etc.

Annoyingly, my good mood can usually be found waltzing about hand-in-hand with a 7am alarm, a speedy shower and just getting on with it, rather than whispering sweet nothings to my duvet.

If I can get just one thing ticked off the to-do list early on, whether it’s a post office trip or the washing up, I already feel like maybe, just maybe I can conquer the rest of the day.



I have become one of those people.

One of those people who preach about the benefits of water. Hashtag boring.

I try and have a pint of water as soon as I’ve woken up and then always have another glass or a bottle with me at all times – whether that’s at my desk or in the car or on the train.

If I’m starting to deflate and feel snoozy again, I will always try cold water before swooping straight in on that caffeine hit because guess what guys – groundbreaking info about to land in front of your eyes – I’m often just a bit dehydrated. DUN DUN DUN.



I often find that what I wear reflects who I want to be – so if I’m moseying about in leggings and an oversized cardigan, chances are my brain will be focused on the sofa and a Netflix binge.

Whereas if I’m dressed like I’m expecting to take over the world, I’ll likely feel more confident, more motivated and more productive.

So, for me, slinging on a trench coat or blazer is a no-brainer in tricking myself that I’ve absolutely got this – because I’m a sassy grown-up lady – even if actually, I’m not sure I have.



When I was a teenager all my magazines were crammed with grim lines like ‘If you give up your daily coffee you could save enough over a year for a designer bag’.

Mate, treating myself to the little things – like takeout coffees, or maybe a lil Danish pastry here and there or a bunch of flowers – is exactly what picks me up when I’m feeling a bit flat.

Never ever feel guilty for the little indulgences. Life is too short not to bring a teeny tiny bit of that treat yo’ self mentality to every day.

Plus, there’s something about waltzing about in the fresh air, with said coffee whilst wearing said trench coat that makes me feel A+++ way before the caffeine’s even hit me. Just sayin’.



Everyone has songs that automatically make them smile – maybe they remind you of a holiday, or a time when you were young and hip and happening enough to go ~clubbing~. Or maybe, they just make you feel like a freakin’ queen.

My current go-tos when I need an instant injection of energy are Little Mix’s ‘Power’, Pitbull and Neyo’s ‘Give Me Everything’ (please no-one judge me, I’m cool, I promise) and Starley’s ‘Call On Me’.

When they come on in the car, I turn the volume mortifyingly loud and I sing horrendously and I won’t lie, it makes me feel like I am on fire.

What little things help you guys wake up in a better mood?


This is a sponsored post but as always, all views my own.

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