Pregnancy Diary: Week 26 – 28

And just like that, ya gal rounded off her second trimester and sailed through to the final one.

No biggie.

It feels like I’ve been pregnant all of about two seconds and since 1907 all at the same time, and I’m under no illusion that these final two and a bit months are going to fly by and then all of a second FUCKING HELL I HAVE A BABY TO LOOK AFTER.

Much excite. Much terrified. Much ready to welcome this new chapter.

You’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve actually started getting our shit together and have been preparing for our upcoming arrival.

We’ve painted the spare bedroom walls, and the floor, and we even bought and put together a cot.

We’ve been to Mama’s and Papa’s and had a 45-minute talk on car seats (honestly, couldn’t recommend M&P more), because turns out car seats and car seat regulation and car seat bases are an absolute minefield and make choosing a pram look as easy as taking a nap.

Heck, we’ve even taken delivery of our pushchair – although yes, it’s still sitting in its box in the spare room.

And we’ve created a comprehensive list of everything we’ve yet to buy. It includes a few of the hero products you guys have been raving about (like the Sleepyhead and Ewan The Elephant) as well as all the boring bits like nappies and nipple pads.

So yeah, LOOK AT US GO.

We also started our hypnobirthing classes this week – we’ll have four 150 minute classes over the next month – teaching us everything from breathing exercises to massage to all the different stages of labour.

We’ve been very lucky in the fact that Ipswich Hospital have noticed such a difference in women who’ve had the classes that they now offer them free to every woman booked to give birth there – so all we’ve had to pay for is the chilled-out music CD.

And I won’t lie, I came out of the first session all like YAS BRING ON THAT LABOUR, I AM READY FOR YA. So that’s good – now to keep up that mentality and try and avoid all the horror stories everyone likes to throw around like confetti, as if it’s somehow super helpful.

Thanks ya poppets.

Symptom-wise I’ve been pretty lucky of late. I’ve not yet (touch wood) had any of the infamous indigestion, heartburn or constipation, or the leg cramps, or the sleepless nights. My nipples are still firmly not leaking and I’m yet to spy a stretch mark.

I have however been hit with a cheeky wall of exhaustion – which has been a bit hard to get used to after two months of feeling like I could take over the world the way old Hannah could.

I’m fine in the mornings so long as I have a coffee, and then I’ve got a few hours to just absolutely crack on with writing and taking photos and doing emails before the lunchtime slump kicks in and I turn into some slug/ancient walrus hybrid and have to retreat to the sofa with the cats.

I’ve also been getting super hot and breathless from doing simple things like walking up the stairs or attempting to take some cute flat lays, so it’s a bit weird getting used to a slower pace of life because my body just doesn’t have the energy or mobility it always used to.

My lower back has been piping up every now and then over the past couple of weeks to be like HEY HUN COO-EY JUST ME OVER HERE GONNA HURT YOU A BIT HOPE THAT’S OK. But it’s nothing that I can’t handle.

I also had my gestational diabetes test (plus a flu vaccine, asthma review and whooping cough vaccine), which is where you fast overnight and then have a blood test at the hospital, and then have to drink a glucose drink that tastes like cheap squash, wait two hours, and then have another blood test.

You’ll be pleased to hear this gal passed with flying colours, thank the sweet lord.

Overall I’m still feeling pretty good with my mood. I mean, I’m pregnant, so obviously sometimes my hormones flip and I’m like WHY AREN’T YOU TREATING ME LIKE A QUEEN when Chris has literally just gone out for a run or something, but mostly I like to think I’m pretty pleasant to be around.

I’ve even whipped up some incredible meals and done some ironing and told some funny jokes and everything.

Don’t wanna boast but heck I will anyway.

So yeah, let’s bring on these final 12 weeks!

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