Three Fave Recipes From Jamie Oliver’s New Book

If you follow me over on Instagram and bother watching my stories, you’ll know this girl has become a little obsessed with Jamie Oliver’s new book which was released at the end of August.

Called 5 ingredients‘, every recipe in it uses – shock horror – just five ingredients.


I mean I don’t want to lift myself onto some has-all-the-great-ideas pedestal but I have been saying someone should make a book like this for at least three years, so snaps for Hannah.

I should just go on Dragon’s Den now tbh.

Anyway, Chris bought it for me for my birthday and we’ve been relying heavily on it to snazz up our weekday dinners because, like a lot of you I’m sure, we’d got ourselves into a seriously boring food rut.

Um, prawn and tomato spaghetti or gnocchi with pesto and peas?

Chris turned pescatarian at the start of the year which has meant we’ve had to attempt to be a little more creative, and whilst this book has a lot of seriously hubba hubba meat recipes, it’s been good for helping us think outside the box for veggie and fish stuff too.



The best revelation of 2017 has to be that soft boiled eggs and mango chutney go together better than chips and ketchup.

The second best revelation of 2017 has been that you can make a super easy flatbread (or pizza base) in about five minutes using just self-raising flour and natural yogurt. WHO KNEW, EH?

Anyway, this recipe uses said two-ingredient flat bread, and tops it with eggs, mango chutney, fresh chilli and more yogurt.

We’ve been whipping this up for brunch at least once a week, and adding a slither of avocado because what sort of millennials would we be if we didn’t?

(Another friend has told me that she added chorizo and it was top dollar).

I’ve also been using it as a lazy dinner when I’m home alone and want something mildly more nutritious than chicken dippers. I AM A GIRL OBSESSED. Highly recommend.


I made this for the first time on Monday and it was a roaring success and took around twenty minutes and was insanely easy.

I couldn’t find any smoked salmon fillets on Tesco online (nor the angel hair pasta Jamie recommends using) so just got two normal salmon fillets and pan-fried them until they were cooked through enough to flake.

You also add peeled (or in our case – finely sliced because we don’t have a fancy food processor) asparagus, lemon and creme fraiche to the pan and serve with whatever fancy pasta you can get your hands on.

Naturally I topped mine with half a block of parmesan and served with a little rocket and cherry tomato salad. Will abso be making it again next week.



Whilst this dessert recipe wasn’t ground-breaking by any means (it’s blueberries, raspberries, meringues, vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate), it was super easy to make mostly because we already had the ingredients lurking in the kitchen cupboards.

It was a good reminder that sometimes you don’t have to waddle out to the local Co-Op for a sticky toffee pudding if ya want something sweet after dinner because you can make something v delicious with stuff you’ve already got in the house.

You’re supposed to basically layer the ingredients like a random ice cream sundae and top with flakes of dark chocolate, but I decided to be a fancy sexy bitch and melt the chocolate instead and HELLO GAMECHANGER.



The ‘easy rustic gnocchi’ are about as as easy as making a bleedin’ show stopper on The Great British Bake Off. I got all cocky and was like YASSSS going to nail this recipe and wow everyone forevermore with my homemade gnocchi recipe. What actually happened is they completely fell apart in the pan, I threw them away, cried, and Chris took us to McDonald’s for chips instead.

The ‘crazy simple fish pie’ was relatively simple. Except Jamie told me to add a load of water for baking and what happened is that I ended up with a fish pie in a puddle. WHAT’S WITH THE EXCESS WATER, JAMIE? Also, it wasn’t enough on its own and I wasn’t smart enough to realise that actually it needed a side of mashed potato to make it a substantial dinner.


Have you tried any of the new recipes? Which are your faves and which ones do I need to whip up next week?



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