Two Early Birthday Presents To Myself

I know what you’re thinking, Hannah just stop with the fucking online shopping.

And I know you’re thinking it, because I’m thinking it.

I. Just. Can’t. Stop. Browsing. And. Adding. To. Basket. And. Pressing. Checkout.

In my (very small) defence, a lot of the things I once took sweet, sweet joy from have suddenly been ripped from me (sleep – oh man how much I miss unbroken sleep – alcohol, the good cheeses, having energy past 6pm, feeling sexy, and so the list goes on). And so I seem to be throwing my everything into trying to dress my changing body the same as before I fell pregnant because it’s one of the still every day activities that still brings me happiness.

So just humour me, won’t you?

Anyway I got two new buys I am CRAZY EXCITED ABOUT. Call them early birthday presents to myself if ya will.

So I thought I’d share them because a) they’re cute and I’m one hell of an enabler and b) my friend Chloe got a really deliciously perfect new camera and wanted to practice shooting with it and so well, here we are.



First up, those monochrome block heels. I’ve spied these on a few bloggers recently (including @itsbeccarose and @cocosteaparty) and it was one of those things where the more I saw them on Instagram, the more I saw them in my own wardrobe and the more I felt compelled to bow to peer pressure. So I did.

They are £39, so not mega cheap by any means, but they are a shit ton cheaper than the Chanel versions of which they’re inspired by.

They seemed a semi-practical birthday present to myself purely because despite the fact they do technically count as heels, they’re super comfy and y’know the style and colour are pretty classic and so I should really still like them in 2021, right?

And yes ok to all you spoil sports who are about to tell me I won’t be able to reach to do them up in about a fortnight, just let me have my fun, alright?



You all know how much I love a pleated midi skirt and it was with a v heavy heart that I packed all of mine away into a vacuum bag of doom to be hidden at the back of my wardrobe until further notice.

I spied this pale blue one in ASOS’s maternity collection and was like YAS YAS YAS, come home with me.

It also comes in a dusky pink (which is in the sale) but was sadly sold out in my size – and I’ve also hunted out a £20 non-maternity version for ya.

But yeah, a super cute bottom half thingy to wear with my excessive slogan tee and jumper collection and hey, it makes a fancier switch up from jeans.

I’m hoping more brands launch maternity styles similar to this in the run up to Christmas because of party season otherwise lol, you’re going to be seeing a LOT of it over on Instagram and I ain’t even soz.


Coat – Primark (old but similar here)

Skirt – ASOS Maternity

Shoes – Topshop

Bag – Mango (sold out but similar here)

Sunglasses – Rayban

Watch – Olivia Burton




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Photos by Chloe Plumstead.

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