My Plans For The Rest Of 2017



Oh ey up lasses, how is your SEPTEMBER going?

That’s right, gals, we have just under a third of 2017 left. No biggie. And breathe. Remain chill. Nothing to see here. Maybe take a sit down. Get a tea. You can do this. Woah.

The countdown to the end of the year also co-insides with the countdown to this baby clambering its way out of my vagina, which makes it slightly more dramatic than your bog standard end of year countdown.

I thought I’d lay down my plans for the rest of 2017 in a blog post so that you can see what I’m planning on getting up to, but also to remind myself of what I’m planning on getting up to.

Some of it is baby-related and some of it, is well, not baby-related. Y’know how it is.

So without further ado, let’s get cracking.



Next week we’re headed for four nights to my second fave place in the world – Mykonos (first being my v sexy gal pal New York City, obvs).

It’s my birthday on the 17th, so this is kind of like a babymoon and kind of like a I-WANT-TO-DO-SOMETHING-ON-MY-BIRTHDAY-WHICH-ISN’T-LYING-ON-THE-SOFA.

I plan on eating ice cream, taking poolside naps, and parading my belly about in my new ASOS cossie. It’ll also likely be my last flight for at least six months, if not longer, so I’ll be snapping those airplane wing shots like an Instagram badass.



I lost my mojo with the whole fashion blogging thing mostly because my head was stuck quivering over the toilet bowl for a good few months, but also because I was knackered and felt like I looked like the spitting image of a baked potato.

But this gal is BACK ON IT. As most of you know, my pre-blogging background is in fashion journalism and it’s something that I really, really enjoy. There’s no getting away from the fact that my most popular posts are the personal ones, but I’ve been enjoying doing more and more outfit stuff in 2017 and it’s something that I’m planning on continuing on doing until I fit in nothing but a bin bag and Uggs.



Yes, baby showers are an American tradition but so is Thanksgiving and I LOVE Thanksgiving. What’s not to love about an excuse to eat a giant roast dinner (complete with a homemade pumpkin pie) and being thankful for everything you have?

Anyway, the big thing for me was having an excuse to round up all my fave ladies before this baby comes and creates havoc with my social life. And so I’ve booked afternoon tea at my local coffee shop for a Saturday in November (lol, ain’t hosting 18 people at my house and then dealing with the washing up pile) and have just ordered the cutest little rainbow watercolour invites from my ex-colleague Dani.

Yes I’m excited and what?



I’ve mentioned a few times recently that I’ve got back into reading in a big way over these past couple of months. I’ve found more than ever that I need an escape from the internet and am trying to do that thing ~everyone~ says you should do, of making the most of actually having time to relax and switch off.

Cue me running 75867 baths and spending a small fortune on bath bombs, candles and hefty Amazon book orders. Anyway, I wrote this post with a few of my fave recent reads but am always on the lookout for new recommendations (ideally dark, horrifying and addictive as hell).

I’m currently reading ‘My Sister’s Grave’ which has me hooked.


As of next month this baby malarkey really amps it up a gear because HELLO WE’RE STARTING HYPNOBIRTHING CLASSES (which amazingly are offered free for all women booked into Ipswich hospital, so that’s gone well for me).

We have those weekly throughout October and then in November we start NCT which will cover some of the same stuff as hypnobirthing, but also goes through things like breastfeeding and what the heck you’re supposed to do when you bring the baby home. Or at least I hope they do because um, how do you hold a baby?

We decided it was worth doing both just for the social side of things and because you can never really be armed with too much info can you?

I’m also tempted to do a ward tour and possibly the free breastfeeding class Ipswich Hospital offers because y’know, knowledge is power and all that.


What ’bout you, what you got planned?



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