The H&M Striped Top That’s Selling Out Everywhere




Sometime back in spring I decided I needed a red striped top.

Like, really needed a red striped top.

I’d obviously seen someone hideously cool wearing one over on Instagram and was like guuuuuurl gotta get herself in on that action. (In my head I was thinking red lip, red striped tee, blue jeans and some Converse and BAM off-duty chic nailed like a boss).

And so I started trawling all the usual suspects – H&M, ASOS, Topshop, New Look.

And what dya know, there was approximately 3725637 different navy and white striped tees and not one single eeny weeny red striped one.

There was a J.Crew one but alas I didn’t have a spare house deposit sitting around waiting for me to spend it on a t-shirt. Shocker.

Anyway, fast forward a fashion season or two and HELLO RED STRIPED TOPS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE.

There’s this super cute £8.99 one with little frills, there’s this sassy heart slogan one from Toppers, this budget one from Boohoo and then my current flavour of the week – this embroidered H&M one.

Now, it’s a smidge pricier than you’d really want to pay for a simple striped jersey tee – it is £24.99. But hello, LOOK AT IT.

It obviously has ‘love’ embroidered across the chest, but also has a couple of little love hearts embroidered on each sleeve, so I can only assume that’s what’s pushing the price up.

I have to apologise that the top isn’t that easy to see in these snaps – basically we were shooting on a private estate and after about 37 seconds an old lady started walking towards us so we aborted mission before I’d had a chance to whack my camo jacket off.

Soz and that. Outfit shooting is v glamorous at all times.

But yeah, it’s one of those tops that’s already getting a fantastic cost per wear – the sort of thing I keep pulling out the wash basket and dousing in Febreeze because <3

And can you ever really have too many striped tops in your wardrobe?


Anyway yeah, it finally came online over the weekend and is still available in every size so go fly my pretties. FLY. FLY. FLY.

No, you’re an enabler.


Sunglasses – H&M (not online)

Jacket – New Look (old, similar here)

Top – H&M

Jeans – ASOS Maternity Petite

Trainers – Converse

Bag – La Redoute (old, similar here)






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Photos by Bang On Style.

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